Friday, June 18, 2004


Cancelled Emirates flight

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Cancelled Emirates flight
Fri, 18 Jun 2004 21:20:35 +0200

It was my first and last travel with Emirates Airways. Before I only
heard it´s one of the best airlines in the world but...don´t have a
problem and don´t try to have an own opinion!
Our flight should be on June 15, 2004. Everything was perfect. We
boarded and waited for launch. Nothing happened. Suddenly the captain
told us they have to reboot all computers of the plane. Should take 20
minutes. After 45 minutes he told us they have to repair the plane
(should take around 1 hour). We were not allowed to leave the plane. We
were ordered to sit at our seats, no refreshments, no more information.
After 2 1/2 hours we should leave the plane. So we went back into the
airport. Actually noone told us where to go so we waited at the gate.
After more time someone got a hint we should go back to the Emirates
desk to get a new flight. But: we were only allowed to choose between a
flight 11 hours or 24 hours later. No interest if someone has to be at
work the next day. We ask for other flights, other airlines but we got
no answer - only the new ticket for the next day with the advise we have
to go back to the immigration and to a lady waiting for us. We were so
in rage but now they even wanted to take away our passports that we can
go to the hotel they gave us. We said we don´t hand over anyone our
passport and that we want a flight today. It´s our right to get another
flight not depending on an airline. The lady didn´t listen. She always
said the same sentence that it is usual to hand over passports. Hello?
We asked for another person to speak but she just sent us back to the
Emirates desk. That meant running through the whole airport, wrong side
through security checks again and again (I think I got checked at least
15 times that day just while going through that stupid airport). At the
desked we told another lady she has to check flights to any European
destination to get us a flight. But she won´t. After a vocal fight with
her we got to speak a man that told us the same thing. All we could
handle out was a hotel room

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