Tuesday, March 20, 2007


flight EK 333

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From: francisco villanueva <astroguess@yahoo.com>
Date: Mar 20, 2007 7:45 AM
Subject: flight EK 333
To: jawad@alumni.washington.edu

Mr. Jawad,


Im really impressed with the latest features of Emirate Airline in
general, the "ICE" in particular. I was fortunate to travel with my
colleagues, all of us in medical profession to visit Dubai.

En route to Dubai via Emirates Flight EK 333(Manila- Dubai, 18:45
flight) I was disappointed with the flight stewardess, her way of
disposing excess beverage. she poured the liquid directly into the
toilet bowl. Not considering she may contaminate the container for
next use. I dont know if this is usual practice in the airplane, but
if its the usual procedure, let`s hope the passengers will not be
infected. I witnessed it because the stewardess hold me in my turn for
comfort room. Lastly she wipe the toilet bowl seat with paper towel
and dropped again the soiled towel into the bowl.

Thank you for your time reading my experience on.

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Emirates denied my wife boarding over a week ago, still refuses to explain

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From: Stephen Nicoletti <drstephenn@hotmail.com>
Date: Mar 3, 2007 7:04 PM
Subject: Emirates denied my wife boarding over a week ago, still
refuses to explain
To: jawad@alumni.washington.edu
Cc: marry19710101@hotmail.com

Dear Dr Jawad,

My name is Dr Steve Nicoletti and I was recently hired by ICARDA
International School as an IB math teacher. I am writing you for help
resolving a serious matter regarding the treatment of my wife by Emirates
Airline. I apologize for having to involve you in this but my continued
efforts and requests for a truthful explanation from Emirates airline have
been essentially ignored. Please bear in mind, this problem started Feb 23;
it is now March 3nd and still I have received no explanation from Emirates
let alone a resolution. I am hoping that you can put me in touch with other
passengers who have experienced treatment such as my wife and I experienced.

Please allow me to outline the situation:

On Febuary 23rd, 2007 my wife (Zhou Qian) and I tried to check-in to an EK
flight from Shanghai to Damascus. We both had valid passports and copies of
Syrian visas as provided by ICARDA. The EK ground crew in Shanghai began by
asking my wife inappropriate questions like: can you speak English? How long
have you been married? What part of China are you from? Both my wife and I
felt that the implication of these questions was that Zhou Qian was trying
to enter Syria as a prostitute. In any event, they treated my wife with
open contempt and hostility.

After answering their rude questions, Emirates then refused, without
explanation, to issue my wife a boarding pass. When we pressed for a reason,
they said it was a Chinese policy that all Chinese citizens travelling to
Syria must have the original visa and not a copy. I knew this was not a
truthful explanation from the off-hand manner in which Emirates Airline
presented it. Since I came to Syria, I have looked into the matter and have
located two Chinese research scientists at ICARDA who boarded flights from
China to Syria with copies of their Syrian visas, not the original visas.
Therefore, Emirates Airline has yet to provide so much as an explanation for
refusing to allow my wife on the plane. Again, this was on Feb 23; today is
March 3nd.

In the aftermath, I had to purchase a ticket for my wife back to Chongqing;
since the flight did not leave untill the next day, I had to get her a hotel
room. In addition, I have had to spend money for her living exspences in
Chongqing. Whats more, this has caused tremdous strain on our relationship
in addition to emotional distress.

Given how my wife and I were treated, I am not asking but demanding from
Emirates Airline a TRUTHFUL explanation. If the truth turns out to be
something other than resonable, I expect substantial compensation from
Emirates Airline. I also want to EK ground crew terminated for their
mistreatment of my wife.

Again,I am not surprised other passengers have experienced problems with EK.
I paid money for a service that was not provided and that has caused
financial and emotional distress to both my wife and I. By not providing a
service paid for, EK is acting in a criminal manner.

Any ideas how we can strike back at EK? Is there the possibility for a class
action suit?

Thank you in advance for your help,
Dr Steve Nicoletti

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