Thursday, August 25, 2011


Complaint against Emirates

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From: M.V.Thomas <>
Date: Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 7:01 PM
Subject: Complaint against Emirates

I am a traveler who experienced very bad treatment from Emirates during July. I and family were on a trip to Cochin from Atlanta via New York. 3 of us were flying on 8th of July and my daughter was to flying on 30th.  All were booked and confirmed to return on 12 th August.


When the party of 3 of us reached New York from Atlanta,  Emirates told us that we could not fly to Cochin as my wife has 3 more days to re enter the county. According to them, she cannot re enter till 13th.  My baggage had gone to COK . They diverted the baggage to Dubai and asked me to stay till 14th in Dubai.


When I reached Dubai, Emirates treated me so badly that I would never ever fly by this stupid airline in my life time.  They refused to give me accommodation and onward flight to Cochin !  I was totally stranded with family at the airport begging for the seat. At the end, they gave me a flight on 15th charging me $ 650 ! Or else they refused to drop me there !  I paid and stayed in DXB on my own. Next day, I called travel agent who found out that there is no restriction for us to fly ! They managed to find seats on 13th; but Emirates charged me another $ 842 for the same ticket !  In other words, for no reason I ended up paying over $1400 for same tickets and over $1000 for getting stranded. I complained this to Emirates with absolutely no response.


My daughter flew by the same route on 30th July. When she reached in JFK,  Emirates told her that they pre-boarded though there was an hour and half for flight and offered no help !  She was stranded at JFK at 11:00 PM . Emirates told her that she is "automatically conformed " for next flight at 11:00 Am but she must pay $232 !   Since she did not have any choice, she paid and flew. When she reached COK, her baggage was missing. We lodged a complaint; but absolutely no response.


I want to take this up with authorities even if it costs money so that Emirates will not do this to others. Any Idea how to go about this ?


M.V. Thomas

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