Friday, January 27, 2006


Small comment

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From: Dragana <>
Date: Jan 27, 2006 3:45 PM
Subject: Small comment

I am just wondering how comes that 90% of all these comments are
coming from Indian and Pakistani pax?
It is not about Emirates it is about them.


fly emirates

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From: bernard tharme <>
Date: Jan 27, 2006 2:17 PM
Subject: fly emirates

Dear Sir I am trying to get my money back for a flight from
Dubai,where " XXXX" Airlines sold my wifes and my ticket to someone
else and kept us at Dubai airport for a further 12 hours.There slogan
Fly Emerates is very apt,they are very "Fly" If they were an
honourable company they would have a customer relations
department..Just like all other XXX deals they are just Greedy,Thank
You for chance to complain,Bernard Tharme

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Stop kissing emirates airlines XXX

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From: Hamed Rauf <>
Date: Jan 25, 2006 1:02 PM
Subject: Stop kissing emirates airlines ass

I just travelled from karachi to dubai and I had a small hand baggage, they
intentionally made me weight it and made me check it in, they calculated the
total weight to be 3 kilos more and they made me pay 2000 rupees at the
Karachi airport and it had nothing to do with emirates staff, they told me
they were told by the airlines to do it so they have to do it.
I care less abt 2 K Pak rupees as I live in US but its about principal
and they are XXXX so stop kissing their XXX and feel the reality, I
saw everyone cursing them in the queue i was in, some of them were going as
far as Australia and yet they were treated bad by emirates staff.
Thank God, I had Air France on my way back from Dubai to US and they made
me feel like a king with excellent service and comfort.
just coz you are a blady employee of the airline, it doesnt make us
customers feel the same, I travel to Pak often from USA and I would never
give emirates airlines any business in future and I would spread the word of
mouth wherever I can.


Bad experience

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From: Afzal, Khan <>
Date: Jan 26, 2006 3:48 AM
Subject: Bad experience

I was booked for the flight from Lagos(Nigeria) to Dubai and linked
flight to Islam Abad on 22nd of Dec.2005.My ticket was confirmed and
They issued me Boarding Pass with out Seat numbers .I asked on the
counter for it and they told me it will be issued during boarding. I
went through immigration and went to check in area .After long waiting
they announce to check in, for the passengers who had the seat numbers
on the boarding cards. They told us to wait we will attend you. They
send some other people from us to one side and get some money from
them and they issued them seat numbers. At the Last they start excuses
that the flight was overbooked and you have to go back and you will
fly tomorrow on 23rd Dec. We request them but in vain. Spending 5hours
at the airport and went back to home because of the Airline staff

It was a very bad experience for me as I am traveling since 1978 to
various countries with various carriers. They promised they will
compensate with free next flight, but who will trust them. I will go
today again to the Airport ,and I don't know what will happened again.

Afzal Khan


lost my baggage. Emiratesairlines is keeping my baggage in Dubi international

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From: mohamud ahmeddhaqane <>
Date: Jan 26, 2006 8:26 PM
Subject: lost my baggage. Emiratesairlines is keeping my baggage in
Dubi international

thank you for your website

this is really unacceptable behavior

I used Emirates to fly from Dubi to JFK. When I arrived at the JFK
air port (it was January 13-2006) I was told that my bag is in Dubi
and we will do everything to get your bag as soon as possible. When I
come to my final destination which was Minneapolis Minnesota, I filled
a report that my back is missing with American Airlines the cuy told
me that my bag will arrive tomorrow. American airlines sent a request
to Emirates to foward my baggage to JFK airport, and informed them my
baggage is in Dubi. myself as the passanger I called the Emirates
office in JFk airport to let them Know that my baggage is in Dubi
international airport. today is JANUARY 26 2006, it has passed 13days
since I filled my report and I am still waiting my back to arrive. is
there anybody can help me?. where to contect any phone numbers which
I can call my email is

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Stop Complaining

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From: Qais Farooq <>
Date: Jan 23, 2006 1:52 PM
Subject: Stop Complaining

All you people should stop complaining and start appreciating the
service you are provided on EK.


Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Complaining, complaining??

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From: Lizelle JvR <>
Date: Jan 18, 2006 12:38 PM
Subject: Complaining, complaining??

hi jawad, i am crew, and accidentaly came across ur site. I was totally shocked to read about all the complaints.
Some flights are total disasters, psgr's are very rude, they think they can treat u like their slave, wich we are not! On a 6hr flight, we serve them for 5hr, dont they think we need time to rest and eat something??
The way psgr's treat us, is the way they should expect to be treated.
Do you know how nice it is to serve someone that is friendly and have a smile on their face, it makes it much more easier, and we will do our best to make the flight memorable for them.
If psgr's will cooperate when we are securing the cabin by putting their seats backs upright,fastening seatbelts and stying in their seat when the seatbelt sign is on during turbulence it will make our jobs much easier, but what they dont understand is that it is for their own safety.
By the time psgr's get on board, we have been up for more than 4hours preparing for the flight, then seeing a friendly face and hearing a please and thank you makes it better.
Emirates is definately not a bad airline, one bad experience doesnt mean that the next will be bad aswell.
Take the change


Thursday, January 12, 2006



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From: sid ..... <>
Date: Jan 12, 2006 3:40 PM
Subject: urgent

hi there
i would be very grateful if you could please help my parents are haveing
serious problems with emirates airlines but no one wants to know at
they flew from uk to india and there suit cases had been cut and camera and
suits etc had been taken out they made a complaint at emirates in india and
were told to make a complaint in the uk.
we have rang the airport emirates office they told us to contact emirates
india so i did a few times and no reply then i was told by a travel agent to
e-mail customer afairs for emirates and they would help e-mailed a few times
and no reply. i've been on the net and looked for emirates head office
e-mail and i can't find anything. please help these are only a few probs
i've told you about theres a futher 7 or 8
please can you give me advice on who i should e-mail or if you have emirates
e-mail address for the head office
kind regards



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From: Richard - SVM <>
Date: Jan 12, 2006 7:11 PM
Cc: anil sadarangani <>,,,, Aneta Bartos <>,,,,, Richard - SVM

Dear Consumer Affairs,






We recently flew with Emirates airlines and was severely disappointed
with how we were treated, I will list a brief as possible, decisive
email of my experience:

We unfortunately traveled without my India visa from USA to India, via
Dubai. I was not informed on boarding either plane that a visa was
needed, how ever I am to understand this is my responsibility. I
visited the customer affairs office in Dubai upon our rejection from
India and prompt return to Dubai to explain the situation, to see if
we could purchase new tickets and change our final return date.

Emma Quai was the Emirates staff member who addressed this situation.
Within a brief conversation I was attacked by her accusing me of being
I quote 'Typical of the English and their Imperialistic ignorance'
following an explanation that we no longer have global dominance. I
was called directly 'ignorant' without reason and very unfairly as I
never mentioned England or any form of Imperialism, I live in America.
After asking her why she is attacking me without any relevance of
conversation or situation? she stood up panicked after realizing her
actions, walked out without an apology.

I walked next door with my girlfriend and changed our return date from
29TH December to 8th january. We were told the ticket has been
requested, please call us on 2nd Jan or visit Emirates Ticketing to
confirm our seats, the ticket change is in the system, we were issued
a reference number.

I call 9am Monday providing the supplied reference number, my
girlfriend's ticket was confirmed however strangely they had no record
of both myself or my ticket change? I was informed that it is company
policy if you do not turn up for a flight you lose your ticket, there
is nothing Emirates will do, and they have no record of my ticket
change? I changed both my girlfriends and my ticket together,
Additionally paid for these tickets, how does my ticket 'vanish'?

On the 4th I arrive into Emirates office in Bombay India to discuss
where my ticket has gone? They inform me I never called on the January
2nd and therefore lost my ticket?

I inform them when I called they did not know who I was and the
reference number was not valid, thus the frustration is apparent. Now
they know about the ticket change we made?

I contact Arrow Travel whom I purchased the tickets from originally
for both myself and my girlfriend, they call Emirates NY (USA)
Emirates confirm with Arrow travel our ticket is in the system, it is
confirmed on the 8th as originally requested, I am given another
reference number to confirm this. When I enter Emirates office again
they inform me this reference number is not in the system and again I
have no flight.

I contact Arrow travel again, Emirates confirm my ticket is indeed
there and confirmed.

Next day I go to Emirates, again they tell me I do not exist, it is
now the day of the flight. They offer no help, only to put me on
standby but expressed that I am certainly not a priority and it is a
busy flight.

I fly to Dubai on a new tickets from Cathay Pacific as I lose hope
with Emirates.. We arrive on the 8th for the flight to NY. My
girlfriend is offered her seat, AGAIN I do not exist in the system
refused entry on the flight.

We are forced to cancel my girlfriends ticket, 2 days later we find a
seat on Emirates airlines to finally return home to NY.

Emirates prides themselves on customer service and are keen to improve
their service, I was very satisfied on my journey onboard the service
was exceptional, it is extremely unfortunate that once on the ground
the service was 'cruel' for lack of a better word.

The experience consumed every day of my vacation, and entirely ruined
it, and added great expense. Both my girlfriend and I are extremely
upset and surprised at how we were treated, I have never experienced
such horrible treatment before.

I am looking for a full refund of both our tickets as our trip was
entirely ruined, we spent a fortune on hotels and cancelled flights
within India as we could not travel as every day we were spending our
time trying to correct this situation. An additional incentive to
travel with Emirates again would not be a bad suggestion to repair our
confidence and maintain 2 good customers.

We are extremely upset at how we were treated, the last few days
bought both my girlfriend and I to tears, I hope never to experience
such treatment again.

The below people were additionally contacted to share our experience
with Emirates airlines:


India Times Magazine

New York Post

Please note we are both involved within the media industry, we have
already began conversation with relative publishers to give us
coverage (share) our experience, fortunately in this case we are both
to a degree able to do this at comfortable level, and the support is
offered has been greatly welcomed and certainly fair due to what we
went through, I did not list all the awful things we were told and
went through. I sincerely hope we can settle this quickly and fairly,

We look forward to your prompt response,

Yours Sincerely,

Richard Wheeler

p.s Emirates lost our luggage too.


emirates airlines

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From: bernard tharme <>
Date: Jan 11, 2006 8:15 AM

Dear Sir,we have just come back from Dubai,going out from Heathrow the
plane was packed like sardines and stinking of Curry,the cushions and
blankets were just thrown on the most uncomfortable seats I have ever
sat on,On our return we were told our seats had been sold to someone
else,the next flight was 0310 the next day,there excuse was it was
due to Sheik Maktoums death,what a disgusting excuse,they should be
ashamed of themselves,what it really is ,is greed,I'll never fly with
this company again.There slogan is very apt "Fly Emirates" they are
very Fly! Thank You for a chance to complain.

Sunday, January 08, 2006



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From: art <>
Date: Jan 7, 2006 1:15 PM
Subject: Baggage

Recent 4th January and ongoing - Baggage failure at Dubai

I can only describe it as managerial incompetence, the way that
Emirates have handled and continues to (as it is still ongoing) the
current baggage delays at Dubai. My baggage snarled up in Dubai and
bound for Glasgow has still not arrived two days after its should
have!! I was on Jakarta EK 349 to Glasgow EK 025.

The company staff including a purser on EK 349 and their ground agents
in Jakarta and Dubai have lied to me throughout. They might fly new
planes but their frigging customer care and honesty is non existent, a
pathetic photocoped apologetic letter from James Redford on their
behalf handed to me by BMI staff at Glasgow is all I have received
from them....after patiently enduring their delays......I have had
spend money to purchase new and needed clothes, spent money on phone
calls trying to find out what was going on and why my luggage never
turned up on the next day flight.

I would'nt mind it if they hade been honest and told me straight that
my luggage would not be with me for three days but all the frigging
lying is not on.

BMI staff did phone me today at 5pm to tell me that my baggage will
arrive tomorro in Glasgow but then when I get is another question?
They are not to blame as they only are acting as receive and dispatch
agents for Emirates in Glasgow, my bag should have been on the
following day flight.

Emirates customer care and consideration is for me pathetic and I
will never, ever, ewver fly them for best airline,
maybe best aircraft would be more applicable. Its Singapore Airlines
and Manchester from now on for me.

I will and I suggest everyone who has experienced problems like this
should write directly to the Head of Emirates as I am sure he thinks
everything is honk dory on the ground while his incompetent management
screws up big time on customer relations!!

Art Ward

Saturday, January 07, 2006


baggage delay on emirates and no claim given

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From: polyprint <>
Date: Jan 7, 2006 5:50 AM
Subject: baggage delay on emirates and no claim given

dear sir,
i have travelled by emirates 2 days ago by business class and due to
some problems in dubai, the baggages have not reached the the
i have been told that if i am the resident at eh destination point,
then the airline is not responsible to give any claims because of
is that correct? please help me with any legal website where i can get
a clarification

Monday, January 02, 2006



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From: kulsoom abdullah <>
Date: Jan 1, 2006 8:20 AM
Subject: emirates

I appreciate your website. I had been searching
contact information for emirates and came upon your
website. I also am one of the unlucky ones. I would
like to know if you have email or snail mail contact
for them so I can write to them.



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