Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Complaining, complaining??

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From: Lizelle JvR <>
Date: Jan 18, 2006 12:38 PM
Subject: Complaining, complaining??

hi jawad, i am crew, and accidentaly came across ur site. I was totally shocked to read about all the complaints.
Some flights are total disasters, psgr's are very rude, they think they can treat u like their slave, wich we are not! On a 6hr flight, we serve them for 5hr, dont they think we need time to rest and eat something??
The way psgr's treat us, is the way they should expect to be treated.
Do you know how nice it is to serve someone that is friendly and have a smile on their face, it makes it much more easier, and we will do our best to make the flight memorable for them.
If psgr's will cooperate when we are securing the cabin by putting their seats backs upright,fastening seatbelts and stying in their seat when the seatbelt sign is on during turbulence it will make our jobs much easier, but what they dont understand is that it is for their own safety.
By the time psgr's get on board, we have been up for more than 4hours preparing for the flight, then seeing a friendly face and hearing a please and thank you makes it better.
Emirates is definately not a bad airline, one bad experience doesnt mean that the next will be bad aswell.
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