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Fwd: Emirates - Not the Airline to use

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From: Nigel Swayne <>
Date: Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 7:08 AM
Subject: Emirates - Not the Airline to use

What a great website, I have had to fly Emirates for 9 years now, working in the UAE and flying to Malta, they are the only airline we can use.

During that time we have had 3 cases lost, 2 broken, 5 occasions when the choice of food had run out, one flight when due to Emirates cancelling the prior flight my wife and I sat on different sides of the plane.


And the last flight the car emirates sent could not find his way and after taking my wife to the airport myself collecting 3 speeding fines to get her there.


We were credited 10,000 air miles, which sounds ok, except in 2003 she got 15000 for the loss of a case for 12 hours.


The main problem with Emirates is the Support Staff, if you don't have a problem and the crew do their job (and in most cases they do) you won't have a complaint, but if you have a problem expect no support or help.


As for them being the best airline in the world, wrong its up the road 130 kms in Abu Dhabi.




Nigel Swayne


Nigel Swayne

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