Monday, April 10, 2006


From an Emirates crew

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Date: Apr 10, 2006 3:53 AM
Subject: From an Emirates crew

Dear jawad,

I am Emirates crew and when I came across your web site I was shocked
to see all those complaints from passengers,

But today I am the one complaining on how I have been treated by the
management as an employee of the company.

I've been working for nearly 3 years with a pretty good file (Good
attendance, no complaints fr psg…),one day I hurt my back while
working ,I reported it as we've been told to ,after been sick unable
to fly for 6 months I've been giving no choice but to resign I might
have a permanent disability and plus I owed the company money

In my country I will be offered compensation, I was just a number and
god protects my colleagues from getting hurt.

Maybe I should not discuss internal affairs in such a site but since a
so called "terry daily" is openly talking about how he selected the
crew and apologies on their behalf for the EMIRATES STANDARD NOT
MAINTAINED and how he will make things change, in a well known news
paper ,I allowed myself to express my frustration .

I hope my voice will be heard.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Racial Discrmination

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Date: Apr 5, 2006 8:24 AM
Subject: Racial Discrmination in the UAE.

Dr Rana Jawad Asghar

05 April 2006

Dear Rana

I would like to tell you about a very serious incident that took place
in United Arab Emirates. In May 2005 I wrote to the British Ambassador
to the UAE and the British Ambassador to Yemen. I told them my
concerns that I may be discriminated in Yemen and United Arab Emirates
because I am British citizen but of Somali decent. I got responses
from British embassy in Abu Dhabi stating we take any case of racism
and discrimination very seriously and we are committed to fight racism
anyway in world. The British Ambassador to Yemen sent me an
introduction letter. Please note its not an ambassador job to send me
an introduction letter but he did offer the letter to help me in case
I got into problems in Yemen I was very grateful.

In August 2005 I left London to travel to the United Arab Emirates and
The Yemen. I was racial discriminated and ethnically discriminated by
United Arab Emirates immigration official and the state owned airlines
Yemenia handily staff that work for the UAE government. They treat
White British citizen differently from Black British citizen from
Somali. People told me in past there is so much racism against
Somalis in Abu Dhabi airport.

(Racial discrimination laws state)

Racial discrimination happens when someone is treated less fairly
because of their race, colour, descent, national origin or ethnic
origin than someone of a different 'race' would be treated in a
similar situation. This is known as 'direct discrimination'

I was treated differently because of my ethnic origins because I am
British citizen but my birth place is in Cairo Egypt. I am British

I report both incident and my fears came true sadly. I went to the
British Embassy in Abu Dhabi told them what has happened. I was
advised to make my complaint to his Royal Highness HE Sheikh Ahmed bin
Saif Al Nahyan, Chairman, Abu Dhabi Department of Civil Aviation. I
wrote to him and after 10 days I got two letters of apologies one from
department of immigration and other civil aviation authority. I was
happy with those results.

When I come back to London I wrote to my British Member of Parliament.
I told her what has happened and I don't want this to happen to anyone
else she wrote a letter to the Foreign & commonwealth office in London
to the Minister of State Dr. Kim Howells who deals with Middle East.

My member of parliament wrote back to me stating we have the
assurances from British the embassy in Abu Dhabi that United Arab
Emirates government are committed to fight any sort discrimination I
was so happy that I took my case to highest level of my government.

Then I found out two of my friends where also discriminated in United
Arab Emirates in Dubai airport it was ethnic discrimination. The UAE
government broke their assurances. I was deeply shocked and sad. I
became the official spokes person I have written to their Member's of
Parliament to bring this case to Foreign and commonwealth office.
Foreign and commonwealth office in London has stared an investigation,
and British embassy in Dubai, We are waiting for the results of this
investigation. My friends are British – Somalis we are from the former
British – Somaliland:

Yemenia airlines did an investigation they state it was the handily
staff in Abu Dhabi airport who made problems for you. Yemenia airlines
do not want to take any responsibility.


I am just fighting for my rights and equality I don't want to be
discriminated again in Arabian world just because of my race or ethnic

I have been fighting my case of 4 months now and the Foreign and
commonwealth office in London and the British Embassy in Dubai has
both been investigation this case. They have informed me that they
have sent two diplomatic letters nobody has respond back. They
reassure me they will press the UAE authorities to respond.

I have also taken my case to European Union My MEP for London has
taken up my case:

And in 8 weeks time I will bring my case to the British House of
commons to raise this case to the British Prima Minister and it will
be live on UK TV.

I think I am luck man because I have a powerful country and British
Embassies in UAE are also very powerful that will help me win my case.

I have read many of the people case in UAE I would to express my
concerns and how sorry how people has been tread in UAE.

I saw your web site today rana could you please add my comments. Could
you please forgive me in Written English I have dyslexia.

Yours sincerely

Mr. Madar:

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