Sunday, November 27, 2005


Food poisoning

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From: Roslyn Elliott <>
Date: Nov 26, 2005 8:28 PM
Subject: Food poisoning

We too would like to get our hands on an email address to send our
complaint. Seeing as faxing has gotten us no reply. We live in Sydney
but Emirates cusomer affairs dept is in Melbourne. We were given a
name and number to contact, which we did. 10 days had passed without
any sort of a response. We rang again and was given a different fax
number to try, which we did. Another week passed and still no reply.
This time when I called I was given a different number yet again. So
we sent it off again thinking third time lucky. Finally we get a phone
call from Melbourne saying that they had received our letter and they
had forwarded it on to their head office in Dubai. It has now been 4
weeks since first contacting Emirates and we are still waiting. Now
for our ordeal.

First I'd like to set the scene. My partner was separated from her
mother when she was 2 years old. She had spent the past 25 years
searching for her. Just when ! she was about to give up we found her
in England. Only to find out that she too had spent the last 43 years
looking and was about to give up also. So you can imagine how excited
everyone was. She now has 3 new brothers plus nieces and nephews who
couldn't wait to meet us. We found her early in August and were on our
way on the 24th September.

We left Sydney travelling to Manchester via Dubai. Travelling Economy
on the airbus was very cramped and uncomfotable, consequently we stood
and walked around for most of the flight. We had excellent service on
our 14+ hour flight to Dubai, but the food left a lot to be desired!
My partner was served but I had to wait. She had finished her chicken
meal by the time I received mine. She commented that she didn't think
much of the food. I had one taste of the chicken and couldn't eat it,
nor anything else for that matter.We had not quite 2 hrs stopover in
Dubai and we ate nothing there. Nor did we use the ! toilets they were
so disgusting.

Time to board for Manchester and when we get to the gate we are told
we have to go all the way to the other end of the airport. Once there
the queue was a mile long snake with no-one helping to keep it
orderly. It took nearly an hour to get on board. Then we were
subjected to a 2 hr delay before we could take off. At first we were
told nothing. Then they started calling for certain passengers to get
off. Eventually after many passengers started getting extremely
agitated we were informed of what was happening. Someone's luggage was
on board but they were nowhere to be found. This person was part of a
group and the others had to identify their luggage so his could be
taken off. Hopefully they got it right and that some poor person isn't
still looking for their luggage.

Shortly after take-off my partner started vomiting. Her vomiting
progressively worsened and she developed a seve! re headache. Staff
having done what they could and seeing that she was still
deteriorating, asked if there was a doctor on board. Luckily there
was. The doctor believed she had food poisoning and inserted a canula
in her hand to get medication into her as quick as possible. And all
this was happening in the worst possible place. I had asked if she
could lie down somewhere so she could be a bit more comfortable. But
being laid down on a hard plastic fold down seat at the rear of the
plane, in the galley area where the lights are bright. And where
people were gathering, coming and going she had no privacy or dignity
at all. That is not what we call "being made comfortable". The doctor
was lovely and he did what he could but she was still extremely ill.
He asked that she be moved to somewhere more comfortable. Eventually
they moved her to the back of business class where she could lay down
with some privacy.

Someone on the crew, ! or the doctor, obviously thought that she was
that seriously ill because we had Paramedics waiting for us when we
got off the plane. The Paramedics were semi helpful, in that they also
believed my partner was suffering from a bad case of food poisoning,
and advised us to get to a hospital. We were left standing on the curb
outside the airport to do for ourselves. After checking into a motel
she was now vomiting up nothing but blood. I organised to get her to
the nearest hospital. They treated her so we could get to our final
destination in Huddersfield. Unfortunately what they did was not
enough and 2 days later she was back to hospital. We spent our entire
2 week holiday going back and forth between doctor surgeries and the
hospital. She ended up having to be admited to hospital for a few
days. She was released the day we were due to fly home but we were
unable to come home. We were advised by the doctors and the airline
that it would be dangerous for her to fly an! d that she would not be
given clearance for at least a further 5 days.

In the meantime we had to organise extra leave from our jobs and a
flight home. We had to incur a lot of added expenses and family
members were inconvenienced. What was supposed to be a wonderful
experience turned out to be an absolute nightmare! And we are yet to
hear anything from this so- called wonderful airline. We intend to
travel regularly to England but unless we get some satisfaction from
Emirates there is no way we will use this airline again nor recommend
them to anyone!

Hopefully you have an email addres! s we can contact because we
begrudge spending any more money involving this airline. They owe us
something at least!!

Yours sincerely Roslyn Elliott

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


emirates / bad service

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From: Reto Kuhl <>
Date: Nov 23, 2005 3:14 AM
Subject: emirates / bad service

Dear Sir

Unfortunately, you are not alone with your experience.

I flew on Nov 14, 05, from Zurich to Dubai, economy class. Service was
industry standard, food too. Queing time of 10 to 15 mins to go to one of
the 4 toilets. Seat comfort was bad, too little space. The return flight was
worse: an old A300-200 with worn out seats and very unfriendly service. Food
was thrown onto my plate from 40 centimeters distance, as you would feed
animals in a zoological garden. I could not imagine that an airline with
such reputation can offer such a poor performance.

Eco passengers feel therefore like pay load and get treated as such.


Reto Kuhl
Feldhof 14
6300 Zug/Switzerland

Monday, November 21, 2005



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From: Zargham Dil <>
Date: Nov 17, 2005 8:57 AM

can u guide me where should i approache for my lost baggage.i am on
way to america ( washigton ). i came to uk on november 4th to
celebrate Eid with my relatives.Wen i arrived at london heathrow
airport by EK 003,both of my baggage were missing and i came out of
airport without any baggage,was so embarrassing.Next day one of my
baggage which was a mirror in a frame was delivered to me by emirates
airline.My suitcase consisting of all Eid gifts for family and my
personal belongings is still undelivered.My holidays have spolied and
even i don't have my shoes and clothes,now i started buying some
necessary items from market because next week i'll be going to
Washigton.I talked to Mr.Hanspal in london EK office twice,but he
showed unability and told that file is still with central baggage
tracing office in Dubai.Even after 14 days there is no response .My
lost baggage reference number is AHL LHREK 21982.
The bad experiences which i saw in your website
demolarise me as i am very junior complaintant .Can i direct my legal
advisor in Pakistan to sue the airline in the court because i boarded
from islamabad OR i sue the airline in london.
Ill be grateful for your early reply.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Bad experience

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From: Altaf Ali <>
Date: Nov 17, 2005 6:15 AM
Subject: Re:Bad experience

To whom this may concern.

I was going to Dubai from Sydney with my wife,We checked in together at the
Emirates desk.I was on honeymoon.When i got to the boarding gate,i was given
an upgrade.I said to the staff.I dont want an upgrade if my wife dont get an
upgrade.I was told wait till everyone gets on board,if there are any seats
left she can sit next to you.when everyone boarded the plane i was told to
go inside the plane and the steward will arrange for my wife to sit next to
me.When i boarded the plane i was told to pay for my wifes upgrade which was
£ i said to the steward i dont want an upgrade,i want to sit
back next to my wife.And i was told there is someone sitting next to my
wife.So i was left no choice but to pay for an upgrade,even though there was
2 empty seats next to me.I feel i should not have got charged for the
upgrade.I explained my situation to the cabin crew and they said it is
unfair and they will personally send an email to emirates.I have wrote to
you a several times and i have had no reply.A year before this situation i
bought a return flight to Dubai from Manchester,due to family problems i
could board the flight.Eventhough i checked in i had to cancell my flight
and go home.i wrote to you regarding this and i have had no reply?

Monday, November 14, 2005


Fwd: My impression of the complaining twats....

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From: donia khoudja <>
Date: Nov 14, 2005 9:44 AM
Subject: My impression of the complaining twats....


I just been reading few complains about pax being upset with EK
handling.... I have been flying with emirates for the last 8 years,
and been purser for nearly 3 years... and this people are getting on
my nerves with their comments.
I would like to mention one important things about this crew who wrote
this descriminating mail .
1. because of crew like her, we actually get the bad reputation and
the attitude that everyone is talking about.
2. she has her own opinon, FAIR ENOUGH, however, she shouldnt have
mentionned the nationalities and the origins of pax complaining, as
far as i am concerned she is not doing the right job and leaves in the
wrong country, maybe she should go back to england or where ever she
comes from.... she needs to remember that this pakistanis or indians
built up her own country and when she needs a cheap manicure she would
also go to the cheapest place where only indians and pakistanis are
3. I must admit that she is quiet right regarding some issues like "
give me pepsi" or "chicken " without a please or a thank you however
she cannot educate people and if she decided to do the job, then she
should not get upset, she might see this pax once in her live.
4. most of the problems comes from ground staff and then off course we
have to handle it on board, but after all this years , i never got in
trouble with pax coming from asia, but lot more from the UK and
Australia regardless where the origins is from
5. i beleive in one thing is when you put your uniform on and go happy
on the flight, beleive me your journey will be much more different
than when you wake up in the morning and go with a big time attitude
and if so then you should change your job as this one is definitly
not for you.

Finally, i have enough of people complaining about supid thing like
delays when they should be happy mostly when its for a safety issue,
at least they will be on a safe aircraft... Also, just to remind all
pax who are complaining that we DO NOT get pay when we have a delay
with pax on board regadless of 1hr or 3 hr and we try to be
professional and smile at all time, eventhough we wake up at 5am for a
8am departure.....
At least if they want to complain they should complain about more
important things, emirates is an excellent airline and for those crew
who are complaining about it, then change your job as it is such a
shame when someone is asking you who are you working for and you say
emirates.... honestly you should be ashamed and EK shouldnt keep crew
like her.


Sunday, November 13, 2005



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From: tanvir multani <>
Date: Nov 13, 2005 6:46 AM


I have lost one OF my baggages.

I have never imagined it can happen with me specially from Emirates
(such 'well known' airlines).my luggage which contained a very
precious one for me becoz of its gifted.

i m travelling from mumbai vai dubai johannesburg dated 04june
2005 flight no EK0503. TICKET NO 176 5143702408 while i have lost my
one bags.

i had already booked complain but there is no reply pls
guide me n give me detailwise information where i get higher autority
to complain and get my lost baggage.

Can you please advice us on how to get our bags back from emirates..

Would be very grateful if you could provide this for me.

hoping for favourable reply in this aforesaid matter

thank you, ALLAH HAFIZ


Saturday, November 12, 2005


Final descent to utopia...

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From: Fahd A Osman <>
Date: Nov 12, 2005 11:36 PM
Subject: Final descent to utopia...
To: "" <>

I have had the dubious pleasure of skimming through some of the mind
numbingly massive missives on this page, and the only eloquent
statement I can make to all those out there that feel hard done by
Emirates, or any other service provider, is 'boo hoo!'

Obviously half the would be champions of the oppressed travellers, who
have decided to detail (excruciatingly) their tales of travail, were
born and raised in a pristine little island somewhere of the coast of
happyland, never having to face, as us real world dwellers do, the
disappointments of every day existance.

As an employee of the Emirates group, I normally have to endure
schedule disruptions caused by the fact that my booking may be
cancelled or that I may be asked to take a later flight to accommodate
other passengers who arrive at the last minute or have requested to be
boarded on a full flight due to humanitarian reasons. This happens
frequently, and I don't mind it one bit. If I can make someones life
easier and support the distinction which Emirates has earned as one of
the world's best airlines, so be it.

The awards Emirates have received are based on the opinions of
innumerable seasoned travellers who have been exposed to enough in air
service (both good and bad) to know their elbow from the other thing.
I would like to humbly make a request of those crybabies who feel that
every little service related hiccup that happens is part of a larger
organised conspiracy formulated for the express purpose of causing
them discomfort; please get over yourselves, and if you can't, go back
home to happyland and leave the normal people alone.

Fahad Osman

Planning & Projects

Dnata Agencies

Emirates Group

Monday, November 07, 2005


Emirates airlines

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From: <>
Date: Nov 7, 2005 4:06 PM
Subject: Emirates airlines
To: "" <>

Hi Jawad,

Not sure if you are still working on the Emirates comments website.
Unfortunatley they haven't changed much, my luggage got delayed and they
(Emirates Delhi customer care) haven't paid me after 45 days and are again
asking for documents which they earlier acknowledged they have received. The
worst example which I beleive no airlines has ever done before but they managed
to do: is cancel my return reservation (I have the documentation with me) on
return flight, I am now going to start interacting with their UK customer
service, well my belief say they are no different than their Delhi

If you can post this message I would be extremely greatful.


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