Saturday, October 22, 2005


Emirate Airlines

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From: Alen Lawson <>
Date: Oct 22, 2005 10:24 AM
Subject: Emirate Airlines

Hi Jawad,

What a bunch of whingers some of your respondents are. As an
Australian I live in the country of the safest Airline in the World,

Qantas. Every six weeks I board an aeroplane bound for somewhere in
the world and return to Australia for my break. I have flown

Emirates for the greatest part of my travels.The crew are friendly
(try keeping a smile on your face surrounded by feral passengers).

And do their best to please.The planes are all near new and well
maintained. The Flight crew are second to none and the meals have

always been good. Try a smile and a Thank you once in a while. It
makes the crews life happier and cost you nothing. I would like to see

whingers on some of far flung airlines I have been on.You would be
lucky to get a glass of water.

Alen Lawson

Friday, October 21, 2005



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Date: Oct 21, 2005 8:36 PM
Subject: Emirates

Jawad gotta say i dont agree, they are by far the best around. You
must be one of those complaint geeks.

Keep well


Sunday, October 16, 2005



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From: Pamela Barr <>
Date: Oct 16, 2005 9:04 AM
Subject: Travel

I recently traveled on emirates first class to Casablanca and returned to Australia from London. Both flights were through Dubai. I was appalled at the lack of safety on board. On the first leg from Perth to Dubai my seat could not be altered in any way as the mechanics had jammed according to the flight attendant. Not only was I not able to use my seat as a bed on an overnight flight but could not get the leg rest up. Consequently a most uncomfortable situation. The next leg from Dubai to Casablanca was intriguing as  we were treated with disdain by the flight staff and could not get service as required. The flight from Gatwick to Dubai was equally fraught with mechanical problems regarding the privacy board which had jammed upright and once again there was nothing anyone could do. I am quite sure this breaches air safety regulations as defined by the Civil Aviation Authority. It would be interesting to have their opinion. On arrival after a most uncomfortable flight from Dubai to Perth my driver had seen fit not to wait for me after being informed by an Emirates staff member I was not on that flight. All flights had the same problem with cleanliness of the toilets. They were appalling to say the least. As for flying FIRST CLASS Emirates I would not recommend it at all.    Pamela Barr                                                            

Monday, October 10, 2005


Baggage lost for days and requesting compensation

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From: goitom mebrahtu <>
Date: Oct 8, 2005 11:22 PM
Subject: Remembering Romadan time, you might respond

Dear Sir/Madam

Emirate Airline Customers complaint hearing office

I m one of your clients who travelled from Dubai to Brisbane,
Australia on September 01, 2005 by EK 432. I reminded to your staff in
Dubai to check so many times to confirm me that my bag was rightly
transferred since I came from Asmara/Eritrea by the Eritrean airline
B8 332 on 31st of A! ugust, 2005 and assured me by saying yes, indeed.
"Enshalah" .I trusted them. But they didn't keep their promise. When I
reached in Brisbane /Australia I could not found my bag. It was lost.
Then, I immediately reported to the baggage enquiry office of your
airline on September 02, 2005 at Brisbane airport and continue my
journey to Darwin/Australia. Being in Darwin I was continually
communicating with your office both in Brisbane and Dubai by telephone
to know the status of my bag. In fourth of September 2005, I was
informed that my bag was still stranded in Dubai airport and to be
patient and stay quite to get it in the next few days. Sorry to say it
but it was left there blindly forgotten. To me this is negligence and
carelessness of your staff in Dubai. It was there in the computer and
so many times the night before I left Dubai I was reminding them. I
did this because I slept the previous night in Dubai International air
port. However no one took measure of action and because of their
negligence and no follow up done I was left without cloths and
valuable documents for five days. For your information and tracking
inerest my original bag tag number was B8 053384.Then the follow up
file Ref. number given in transferring my bag was also BNEEK 11824. I
got my bag, though its supporting side was broken and damaged. Its
content was intact. So, now I am claiming/requesting your office to
give me compensation of long time abandoning my bag, causing moral and
substance damage on me. In addition I ask you also to give me due
consideration for the patience and tolerance I showed to! endure all
the psychological and mental stress I had at that time because of all
my working materials and valuable documents were left in my bag there
which I was not able to bring my thoughts forward to continue my work
as planned. I stayed in Australia for a short time of work for ten
days. I tried to reach by e mail and you did not respond me. I am now
in USA doing my short course at Emory Public Health University. I will
be here for three weeks. I look forward for your prompt response of
my request. I am your client of international traveller and I want to
see how you are good and ready to respond to your clients as a
business organization. I was the one advocat! ing for your flight but
this is one of the bad experience I had and I want to see your
reaction.Please respond.I am just repeatedly sending this message to
hear/see if any one of you respond remembering that it is the time of
romadan to consider the right of a person and respect his question to
be responded. I always heard that emirates airline people are not
responsible and never ever respect customers' request but I want to
prove it.Pleas be responsible and respect customers.

With best regards

Dr Goitom Mebrahtu Medhani

GUEST – Villa International

1749 Clifton Road N.E.

Atlanta, GA 30329

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