Sunday, October 16, 2005



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From: Pamela Barr <>
Date: Oct 16, 2005 9:04 AM
Subject: Travel

I recently traveled on emirates first class to Casablanca and returned to Australia from London. Both flights were through Dubai. I was appalled at the lack of safety on board. On the first leg from Perth to Dubai my seat could not be altered in any way as the mechanics had jammed according to the flight attendant. Not only was I not able to use my seat as a bed on an overnight flight but could not get the leg rest up. Consequently a most uncomfortable situation. The next leg from Dubai to Casablanca was intriguing as  we were treated with disdain by the flight staff and could not get service as required. The flight from Gatwick to Dubai was equally fraught with mechanical problems regarding the privacy board which had jammed upright and once again there was nothing anyone could do. I am quite sure this breaches air safety regulations as defined by the Civil Aviation Authority. It would be interesting to have their opinion. On arrival after a most uncomfortable flight from Dubai to Perth my driver had seen fit not to wait for me after being informed by an Emirates staff member I was not on that flight. All flights had the same problem with cleanliness of the toilets. They were appalling to say the least. As for flying FIRST CLASS Emirates I would not recommend it at all.    Pamela Barr                                                            

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