Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mohamed Ekhmaies <>
12:29 PM (2 hours ago)
to jawad
Im a very frequent passenger on Emirates Airlines, as much as I hear from my friends and other people how bad Emirates Airlines treat The UAE nationality and I mean only UAE nationality people get the bad treatment which is by the way suppose to be the opposite since its an Emirates Airline. But I never used to believe them but in the past few times I flew with Emirates proved that they are right. Once I was standing in the business line to check in plus i was a Gold member on skywards and when it my turn came the lady on the desk called the person behind me to come forward and he was from a foreign country so I thought she didnt notice me but then it happened again and I was standing there. When I came forward to tell her that its my turn and was explaining to her nicely with a smile she turned and told me with bad manners to get back inline thats 1 insedent that happened in the UAE. The 2nd was when I had to travel on an emergency trip to Jordan I reached the Emirates Arilines Terminal 3 in Dubai and bought the ticket and the lady told me that I can pass because the gate is still open and that was 1 and a half hour before the flight and I didnt have any luggage except a handbag that I was carrying in with me, sadly the other lady where the check in point is told me that the gate is closed and I cant pass knowing that we still have 1 and a half hour and she let someone else pass. 3rd incident happened today in Thailand 30 mins ago and that just made me have enough with Emirates Airlines we are a group of 6 flying back to the UAE and we are allowed 180KG which is 30kg for each our total weight was 182.6kg and rudly the lady at the check in point her name was (XXXXX) said (you have to manage and I cant let you pass) lets do a littel math if you dont mind Emirates Airlines, (2.6รท6 = 0.43kg) which is less than half kg we asked to see the supervisor and loudly she said (The Supervisor cant do anything for you!! If you want I can get tou a plastic bag!!) Emirates Airlines is that how you train your staff?, does the HR department knows how to employ and traim the people in this Airline? So we unpacked the bags and got few KGs out and then it was 180.5kg and she said its ok but I didnt accept and unpacked and removed more clothes from the bag but still it was 180.5KG which was weird. Now I am an Emirati who faced few problems with the Emirates Airlines which was once my favorite Airlines and sadly its the worst to me. I guess the HR teach the staff to be rude with Emirati people.
A special Note from a normal person in the UAE to all Emirates Airlines Staff, kindly learn how to treat the locals from the UAE because the difference in dealing with us and other foreign nationalities are very obvious now. Just treat everyone equally.
I know that this message wont be given any notice from this airlines. My information is written above I will be glad to give your staff some training on how to treat Emiraties and other nationalities equally.
I really want a reply regarding this matter.
This is a message I tried to send to Emirates Airlines directly and the best part the it said my message is too short!!!

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