Tuesday, August 24, 2004


I will not use Emirates airlines any more, for sure!

Tue, 24 Aug 2004 22:08:01 -0700 (PDT)
"robabeh rahimi" Add to Address Book
I will not use Emirates airlines any more, for sure!

I just found this part on the net and I decided to
write about my the worst experience in whole my life
with emirates airlines. Actually, I wanted several
times to complain some legal place and tell them about
my experience but each time my husband stops me as he
tells that this just will remind me the story and will
not help me at all.
But now, at least I can tell you frankly about my
story. I am a graduate student in Osaka,
Japan.New-year holidays, the only opportunity for me
to have a break, I decided to go back my country to
visit my family after very long while. Making short
this long story, my university let me go back just for
a short while and then I began my trip with emirates
to be sure about my travel as it is believed to be the
best!!!. My flight, took almost three days because of
several problems. Actually the weather condition was
bad, and I am not complaining of it. But the worst
ever point is that, in Dubai airport they were VERY
VERY RUDE. I never have this experience in my whole
life. Even I found out that they wanted to have their
ordinary schedules after the whther condition turned
better and they did not want to pay any attention to
our group which was in that airport, a kind of hill in
my mind now. They did not want to change the schdule
just because of almost 100 or 200 people!!!! and we
did not have any facilities over there. I never slept
on the floor before that time that I experienced it
there for the first and hope the last time in my life.
They even became angry when we asked them some
blankets. I again tell that, it was not any problem
that the weather condition was bad and we should stay
there. but I am complaining that they were very
impolite and even they did not care at all and they
wanted to eliminate us from their schedule. Even they
were very very unhappy when we asked them about food
for passengers, they told us that this is just for 8
hours satying passengers in that airport not for
longer period. So I want to ask them was it our
pleasure to stay there? For me it seems that they even
do not know some very simple and elementary facts and
it seems that they are not even able to think about
it. They just know how to erase the problem by
answering that "go and tell other person" even though
it may be your 100th times doing the same. It is
funny. I will not use emirates airline never ever in
my life.
I just want to say one more thing. The good point for
an airline should be their responsibility. Bad weather
condition is very usual as they MUST be prepared for
it. It is not for sure passengers fault that the
weather condition is not good. Noteble, that Iran is
not a place with some really problematical weather
condition, I can say that it is for sure better than
so many other very cold contries. It is also funny
that, when I asked one person that why you are like
this with us, he told me that "go and ask your
government, it is your problem that your airport is
not ready to accept us in this weather" Isn't it
ridiculous. I do not remember that when I was
purchasing the ticket they reminded me to consult with
my government that in any problem in Dubai airport
they told us and even some not friendly phrases about
my country and government. I am a liberian out of any
political ideas. I like to be free and just study my
major a kind of related to physics, not religion and
not policy.
After my trip which was mostly in Dubai airport and
sleeping on the floor when I came back here Japan, I
found out that my new luggage is broken. I asked a
Japanese lady in Kasnsai airport(national airport of
Osaka) she kindly refereed me to a responsible person
from emirates airline. But that person, she just told
me this is not our fault. I reminded her about their
responsibility as I had been paid for it, she said any
other point if broken can be accepted for us but this
special point on your luggage NO. I asked the
reason,She told me about the differences of the points
on the luggage, verry funny new laws in physics or may
be metaphysics. Sorry for her. But this time, that was
just my knowledge about physics and forced me not to
accept her new science! at all. I was so tired and in
the Kansai airport I felt safe so I was brave enough
to ask her and stay on my possession without any
ignorance. Finally, she accepted it for repairmen. Is
it really a custom? Passengers always should be even
impolite and shout them and remind them about their
I had so many other bad stories about my flight with
emirates but really it annoys me even thinking about
I will not use emirates airlines any more and I hope
in future I can find some body, really friend from
Emirate country, very good person, who may be able to
change my mind about people of his country as my
experience in emirates airline, I did not see any body
who could show me at least a very tiny friendly smile
and help me when I was freezing on the floor, very
tired and sad and almost crying.

Thursday, August 19, 2004


praise for emirates

Thu, 19 Aug 2004 15:13:53 +1200
praise for emirates
"Gordon Dryden" Add to Address Book

Last week I travelled Emirates for the first time ‹ from Auckland (New
Zealand) to Brisbane (Australia), in economy class.
Both trips provided the most enjoyable economy flights I've had in years:
well up to Singapore Airlines standard ‹ which has been my benchmark for
many years.
The food both ways was excellent, and so was the service. And the on-ground
service was equally great. As was their e-ticketing, and airline booking
Incidentally, I'm a frequent flyer with Star Alliance, generally totting up
more than 100,000 miles a year.
My wife and I are both arranging to fly from Auckland to London in November
‹ and we will almost certainly fly Emirates, unless there is a two-for-one
business-class special on another reasonable airline. But, for economy
class, I can't name a better airline.
In fact, I think Emirates shades Singapore because of its more international
Trust you will print this to balance up some of your other criticisms.
Anyone wishing to check the bona fida of this can email me at:
Gordon Dryden
Auckland, New Zealand

Wednesday, August 18, 2004


miss bagage

Wed, 18 Aug 2004 14:04:05 -0700 (PDT)
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miss bagage
ffme@emirates.net.ae, jawad@alumni.washington.edu

Dear Madam/sir
I am one of emirates airlines passenger who had a
travel from New York to Tehran. I was presenting one
of my papers in American Society of Mechanical
Engineers in United State. After conference I put all
my conference paper in one of my bags. I was
suppressed when I received to Tehran because I could
not find one of my baggages which is contain important
conference papers. I asked the person who is
responsible in lost and found section in Tehran
Airport. He opened a file for me by number of 19090,
apologize me and promised that they help to find it as
soon as possible!
It is more than a 45 days that they could not to find
any trace from my baggage and I feel bewildered. I am
a PhD student in Sharif University of Technology and
that papers are the result of my PhD course. In
addition I bought some expensive experimental device
for my laboratory in Sharif University of Technology
and put all them in my baggage! I need them to
continue my research! So what can I do now? Please
help me or guide me!
My flights information is:
Date: JUL 7 Flight Number: UA7448
Date: JUL 7 Flight Number: EK 0202
Date: JUL 9 Flight Number: EK 0975
Best Regards
Ramin Roshandel

Sunday, August 15, 2004

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Emirates hurts
Sun, 15 Aug 2004 12:56:55 +1200

My Wife and I travelled on Emirates from Auckland, New Zealand to Brisbane Australia. On the return flight, a flight attendant opened a cupboard door and in doing so struck my head hard. I sustained a 2” gash to my head.
I also sustained a mild concussion and disorientation on the flight.
To make matters worse, Emirates failed to meet promises of medical care upon our arrival in Auckland and my wife and I were left to our own devices to navigate immigration, customs and drive to a medical facility where I could seek treatment.
I was unable to travel for business at a very sensitive time for the business of which I am a senior executive. My wife was required to wake me every two hours to ensure I was well.
Emirates have failed to provide compensation or even an apology for causing me the injury. They take 3 months to respond to my letters and their responses only serve to belittle the seriousness of the injuries, discomfort and interference with my business activities as a direct result of Emirate’s staff carelessness. Not only that, the fact that my Wife was also greatly inconvenienced is an irrelevancy to them.
I fly some 1 million kilometres a year and this is the worst airline I have ever flown on. I make sure everyone knows it as well.
The next step for us is to serve legal proceedings. By any chance have you got the contact details for the Airline’s chairman so that we can write to him before we initiate litigation?

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