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Complaint regarding the Emirates Airlines

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Subject- Complaint regarding the Emirates Airlines.

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                           A NIGHTMARE WITH EMIRATES AIRLINES

6th  April, 2012

From the times of travel by sea to that of travel by air, the modern traveller has found convenience, comfort and easy travel in every sense in the latter. Unfortunately, the service provided by certain airlines of today makes this applicable only in theory and not in practice. Those who face the harsh behaviour of the ground staff at the airport know the truth behind that superficial image. This is not a passing statement but one that has been experienced by two travellers from America

 On the 21st of December, 2011, Mr. Alam and Ms. Pandya departed from the John F Kennedy Airport, New York. They had an Emirates flight (Flight no. EK 202) to Dubai, had a three day stopover in Dubai and on 24th  December 2011,  a flight to Mumbai. At the JFK Airport, an amount of $ 350 was paid for extra luggage for all the way to Mumbai.

On 24th December 2011, they had to board a flight (EK 502) for Mumbai at 13.15 hours. They were on time, but were not allowed to check in, saying that they were two minutes late. When they enquired and questioned the agent, they were shown the way to the ticketing counter. In order to travel the next flight, this would be on stand-by and not have confirmed seats, the officials suggested Mr. Alam to either pay 16,821 dirhams for no show, difference of fare etc. or buy a ticket for 4851 dirhams. The couple chose the second option not realising that again a sum of 3000 dirhams would be charged for the extra luggage, as the weight limit changes when you fly Dubai to Mumbai sector. Under obligations, Mr. Alam cleared the amount and took the flight (EK 508) to Mumbai.

A customer cannot but feel betrayed when airlines promise to provide best services but fail at it, and yet lack the courtesy and manners to talk to troubled passengers. At the cost of rules and regulations, passengers are charged exorbitant prices to pay for double tickets. The ground staff seems unaware of their issues and are not ready to help the passengers. 
Things just didn't seem to take a halt here. It has been a herculean task for Mr. Alam to take a flight back to New York. He has been trying to get in touch with the Emirate officials. He has spoken to the officials about the issue and asked for solutions to return back without paying an amount of $400 which the airline asks for. In spite of explaining the problem, the airline has not cooperated in any terms and asks him to read the terms and conditions of the airline. Alam has spoken to an official (Mr.XXXX from Mumbai office) who has been extremely rude and curt. The problem does not lie in the fact that the passenger is not willing to pay but in that it is grossly unfair to expect such a thing when it is the airline that lies at fault. Mr. Alam complains that no courtesy and sympathy has been shown to him as a passenger. He hasn't even received a confirmation and as a result from the past one and a half months, he remains stuck in Mumbai.

Not only has Mr. Alam faced this problem, but quite a few other passengers have similar complaints. The websites , are filled with similar issues.

As a passenger, it makes one wonder If one should stop travelling in order to avoid these troubles or stand up and claim the rights that we deserve. For those who have the capability to pay, shall make their way through and the rest of them lie suffering still. In this competitive global economy, it is important for every airline company to value its customers and make sure that each one is completely satisfied and unexploited. It is with great regret that this writer must conclude in believing that the world truly has turned into a capitalistic one, where people are but a means to end, the end being accumulation of monetary power.


From JFK
(Booking reference number are as follows:

Tanveer Alam- L2Q5N6                                  JFK to DXB to MUMBAI       
Sapna Pandya-  K4FFE6                                 JFK to DXB to MUMBAI
BOOKING REFERNCE from Dubai to Mumbai-
24th December 2011: K78LQ6      DXB to MUMBAI (flight no EK 508)   
ticket no- 1762143131251 (both passengers)

Emirates Customer Affairs File Number NYC/X/PA/160312/6788253
DJGHKF booking reference for going back from Mumbai to JFK on 10 of April, where I paid again $400 .how much more money do I have to shell out more for the journey which I have paid already in advance..that's a mystery ..

Tanveer Alam
Cell : 16467869167

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