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Date: Tue, Jan 26, 2010 at 6:48 AM
Subject: emirates complain

As salaam Alai kum,
  I saw your blog for Emirates customer grievance and would like to share my experience for my Parents.
In reference to the BOOKING REF : FXHYZ2
Passenger Names - Zahida Begum and Abdul Hussain Shaik.
Route - Hyd - Dubai - JFK.
 The flight was scheduled to start at 410 AM on 11/22/2009. The flight got delayed for an hour and started only by 510 AM and upon that boarding pass was not Issued to my father who is senior citizen with 63 years of age and has already gone through heart bi-pass surgery. On landing in Dubai with an hour late. The passengers were given only 1 hour of time in transition and I have requested for wheel chair for both of my parents and wheel chair was not provided to them and upon that he cannot board the flight since he doesn't have the boarding pass. Now he has to rush for 10 km away on the dubai airport to get his boarding pass and catch the flight in one hour. He has to rush during this time and with lot of pains and grief he kept running on the dubai airport to get his boarding pass and finally he could able to get the flight.
  I dont understand why a senior citizen with 63 years of age was not Issued the boarding pass . When he asked at Hyderabad airport the guys told that due to security reasons they are not Issuing the boarding pass. What security reasons or threat do you think a senior citizen can posses at this age ? This totally absurd explanation and bullshit which I dont buy It.
Secondly when I have requested for the wheel chair for my father since he already had a heart surgery and not recommended to walk on the dubai airport. You people made him run for his boarding pass with giving 1 hour of time between the flights. Great of you guys. I am totally pissed off with this service and hospitality. You could have landed him into the hospital again with the time and pressure you have build up on him. I need the explanation why was the wheel chair not given to him when I have requested specifically  ?
 I have bought emirates ticket by seeing the ranking as you are famous in providing comfort to the passengers during flight. I paid so much extra to get the tickets of emirates from any other airlines like ( air India , qatar , lufthansa ) keeping your reputation in my mind. Now Its totally demolished and I need the explanation why for the senior citizens boarding pass was not Issued and If so why was It not taken care properly at Dubai airport and why the wheel chair was not provided .

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