Wednesday, June 10, 2009


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My partner and I travelled with Emirates to Dubai two weeks ago.  On boarding the plane in Manchester, my seat had no seatbelt - the attendant was informed and nothing done about it - hence travelled without seatbelt - is not against the law?

On leaving Dubai we had pre-booked seats only to be informed the plane was full, and we would be luck to even board the aircraft.  I informed them that I had to be back in the UK, and we were allocated seperate seats.

All in all a very bad experience with Emirates, and I would think twice before booking again with them


Pam Allott
Senior Account Executive


Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Problems with Emirates Airlines.

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My dear Friend.


I travelled last year from Johannesburg via Dubai to Greece and back via the same way boarding 6 planes and I saw that bad same service on the plane flight from Dubai to Greece the one flight attendant was very rude at one stage and at the Dubai International Airport it is chaos and some of the staff especially the arabs speak broken English and are very rude as I saw in the free restaurant

Where the waiters treated the Pakistani and Indian passengers very rudely you know you are jetlagged when you come off those planes and to them it is about money not customer service making more money more more money.Only the medical centre was friendly to me when the doctor was good to me.Before boarding for the plane for South Africa we were delayed

About 8 hours we were not put into a hotel to sleep for a couple of hours and were kept on delayed it is tiring when you travel such long distances and they treat you like cargo not like a human being suffering from Blood Pressure and Panic Disorder it is hard for me to travel such long distances but what can we do we are not rich but are treated like beggars because they are doing us a favour and remember that we are paying for the ticket they would be out of a job without us.


It is time they improved their service if you are delayed for 8 hours or more they must accommodate you to rest but who cares as long as the dollars euros come in we are just Cargo at Emirates Airlines not human beings.They say that if you pay more you get better service but the beggars have to go for economy class because we are poor and have saved that money for years.Good Luck my friend complain complain and its time they treat us with dignity.


Kind Regards


Nico.Fameliaris. (From South Africa.).

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