Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Fwd: Emirates complaint

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From: jameske 3001 <>
Date: Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 2:09 PM
Subject: Emirates complaint

Hi Jawad,
Here is my complaint regarding Emirates.
I had booked a ticket to fly out to Philippines one way because I was staying for 16 months. Emirates demanded that I buy a return ticket because they said they were getting fines. However, they first refused to cancel the original one way ticket. They informed me of this at the airport 1.5 hours prior to my flight even though I had booked my ticket a few weeks in advance, and they had plenty of time to inform me that I ought to have purchased a return ticket to comply with their rules. So I ended up paying for two one way tickets at a cost more than double the actual cost of one return ticket. I purchased the ticket under coercion. Then I asked, can I cancel this flight when my extended stay is confirmed by Philippines immigration, and the Emirates employee said no problem, but I would be charged $150 cancellation fee. I had informed the Emirates employee I would be in the Philippines for 16 months. Turns out I must go back to the airport I flew from in Europe to make the cancellation! They won't cancel it online because it was bought from a ticket counter at an airport. So I must use the return ticket I purchased (the one I want cancelled) in order to return to the European airport I bought the ticket from in order to get it cancelled! Ridiculous. I will not use Emirates ever again. They don't play fair with their customers. I would urge other people not to use Emirates. I hope they lose more money from people avoiding their airline than it would have cost to refund me the ticket I should never have had to pay for in the first place.
many thanks,

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