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Emirates staff

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Date: 2009/5/14
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Dear all,
We'd the worst experience with Emirates staff. On 27 we flight to Cairo via Dubai by Emirates airlines. Our destination vacation was Egypt, Dubai, Milan, Rome, and Paris. We were trip on group (company's incentive trip). My husband lost his passport when we were transit at Dubai on the 1st day. At the end, our Indonesia Embassy issued a passport for my husband, then we can fly to Cairo. We buy visit visa at Cairo airport. After few days at Cairo, we back to Dubai, at Dubai we also can go inside the country coz our visa is group visa. We stay at Dubai for about 3 days. On 3 May2009, from Dubai we shd fly to Milan. The staff at boarding room's gate not allowed my husband fly, coz there's no Schengen Visa at his passport (ofcoz, coz his passport is new. Insert his passport, there's a Dubai police' letter about the lost passport, also a note from Indonesia' Embassy that the passport is a substitute of the lost passport. We also has a copy of the lost passport, copy of Schengen Visa). Then we have to wait at Emirates Airlines counter on that day, 3 May 2009. Emirates staff who's handle us is XXX. He said that he has had email Milan about our case. Our group has had left us& fly to Milan. We waited for the email's reply from Milan. I often asked many times, XXX always answer no reply from Milan. Our tour leader who's arrived Milan told me that my husband's Visa was no problem at all, can fly to Milan. Our tour leader asked me to told XXX that XXXX shd email to the address' given or fax to the number given, coz it was sunday & no one at the office Mohammad has had email to. But what XXX reaction?? He is very unpolite when saying that he has on procedure he shd do, and he didn't want email nor fax to the address given by our tour leader at Milan. Our tour leader called wanted talk to XXXX, he also didn't want to receive the phone. I called Indonesia Embassy that help us.XXXX also didn't want to talk to our Indonesia Consul !! What a rude. Until the head of police at Milan (named: Mr. XXXX) angry and scold why Emirates has had make difficult their tourists to come to Milan, what Emirates purpose is. That nite,another Emirates staff ( NOT XXXX anymore, I don't know why, maybe XXXX has lost face), told us that we can fly to Milan, but the next day coz thatnite no flight anymore. Coz of XXXX's stubborn and didn't coorporate at all, it's cost us a lot which we'd to stay a nite a airport hotel, pay reinstate cost for the ticket, and lost our 1 day tour at Milan. We had to catch up our group to Rome once we arrive Milan, which we hv to pay the ticket from our own. At Milan, the process very simple. The imigration at Milan, sent us to police station then the police station gave us SCHENGEN VISA. So easy and helpful. The Milan police so helpfull. the question is: WHY Emirates so strictly didnot allow us fly to Milan, which Milan's immigfration and Head of police at airport had allowed us to come? Is that any hidden purpose or politics behind this? WHY Emirates hire a staff like XXX? I thought Emirates has a wonderfull professional service as we've heards that Emirates want to be number 1 beat the Singapore Airlines. From our experience (compare to our friends experience fly with Singapore Airlines when they got problem)Singapore Airlines is still the best and the staff of Singapore airlines is more helpfull and makes us more convinience..
Hopefully, head of Emirates Airlines has his wisefulness towards this case. Our friends and colleges said that's the service of Emirates..

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