Thursday, March 22, 2012


Comment about Emirates Airlines: Refused boarding

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From: Elena Sleboda <>
Date: Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 11:53 PM
Subject: Comment about Emirates Airlines: Refused boarding

Dear Jawad,

Here's my most recent experience with Emirates airline.

First I was forced to buy a return ticket from Emirates by the Dubai
Visa Centre to apply for the visa, and it was non-refundable.

On the way back from Dubai I came to the airport 2.5 hours before the
flight. They asked me and 16 other people to wait till 1 hour before
the flight, but closed the flight 1.15 mins before the departure as
they oversold the flight due to the 10% overbooking policy practiced
by Emirates. They offered a compensation - 9 hours at an airport hotel
+ a free return ticket to Dubai in the future, but I consider it
inadequate provided that they ruined 2 days of my life (I arrived home
at 2am on a working day, instead of 5pm the day before) and offered me
something I don't need, and vastly inferior to the European practice
as when alternative connecting flights or a monetary compensation are
offered as per the EU Regulation 261/2004. They refused to give me ANY
contact at the customer service I could talk to about the situation.

I didn't get any upgrade, moreover, the seats we got had a broken
entertainment system, flight attendants were ignoring our overhead
signals for 30 mins 2 times in a row when we were trying to find out
whether it'd ever work.

And today they threatened me with an action from their legal
department for posting about this situation on online review boards
('any correspondence released into the public domain concerning
Emirates' as they put it).

Net net, one of the worst experiences with an airline in my life, and
continues to be so.

Many thanks for helping to make people aware of the practices of the airline.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Flight problem

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From: Armaan Mallick <>
Date: Tue, Mar 20, 2012 at 5:19 AM
Subject: Flight problem


I am sending this email from Nigeria and here Emirates service is very
bad. I booked my ticket last month that is about 8th of April from
Lagos to Dubai and then connecting flight is from Dubai to Kolkata.
Some weeks before they cancelled night flight and they changed my
ticket date from 8th to 9th afternoon and next flight is from dubai to
kolkata 11th of april.

No one informed me about this from your side. One of my friend said
emirates cancelled night flight and then i gave a call and they
confirmed me about this i asked why you didn't inform me about this
they were telling we don't have any information about you. How is it
possible if i already given all my information online and updated my
tickets that time.

Sometime what these people are doing now they are booking more tickets
and when you will be in airport they will tell you are not going today
you are going tomorrow. My question is why they are doing this kind of
thing with world class flight service and because of this we people
are phasing problems.

This is my ticket details:
Booking Reference - KNFIDS

I hope i am not going to phase any problem this time.


Armaan Mallick

Mob; +2348168136543

Friday, March 16, 2012


my experience with emirates

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From: Sreejayan <>
Date: Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 7:17 PM
Subject: my experience with emirates
To: "" <>

Dear Jawd,

I had a very bad experience from Emirate flights (a nightmare to me) which I never want to even think. I was flying to India to attend a wedding  with wife and two kids from London. Our flight from London was late for half an hour for landing in Dubai and the connencting flight gone in the mean time.but after reaching the gate they told us that the flight left  and you have to talk with the customer care in the airport which is out side the immigration. We gone to talk with the customer care team they are not polite and behaving like as animals. They asked us to come back after 8 hours to the office again my family suffered a lot in that night.When we came to the office again they ask us to come back 30 minutes just before next flight. 

We waited there and they issued ticket and told us that you will miss the ticket as they issued just before 30 minutes and they are testing our luck me, wife and kids run to the gate (If we run this for a competition we will get atleast a medel for that). When we tried to come back on the return ticket they are saying that the ticket was cancelled because you misssed the plane.

I told I need to complain this, the lady who pick the phone that ,  " You can go to the site and make complaints there".  I wont travel in emirates airlines in my life again.

When I talk this issue with my brother, my sister in law said that she had a same sort of experience with them. She lost her luggage from that airlines, no respose from them regarding that from their side.

My advice : If you are going for a holiday never ever travel on Emirates even they offered free ticket

Many thanks
Sreejayan Ravindran

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