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my experience with emirates

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Dear Jawd,

I had a very bad experience from Emirate flights (a nightmare to me) which I never want to even think. I was flying to India to attend a wedding  with wife and two kids from London. Our flight from London was late for half an hour for landing in Dubai and the connencting flight gone in the mean time.but after reaching the gate they told us that the flight left  and you have to talk with the customer care in the airport which is out side the immigration. We gone to talk with the customer care team they are not polite and behaving like as animals. They asked us to come back after 8 hours to the office again my family suffered a lot in that night.When we came to the office again they ask us to come back 30 minutes just before next flight. 

We waited there and they issued ticket and told us that you will miss the ticket as they issued just before 30 minutes and they are testing our luck me, wife and kids run to the gate (If we run this for a competition we will get atleast a medel for that). When we tried to come back on the return ticket they are saying that the ticket was cancelled because you misssed the plane.

I told I need to complain this, the lady who pick the phone that ,  " You can go to the site and make complaints there".  I wont travel in emirates airlines in my life again.

When I talk this issue with my brother, my sister in law said that she had a same sort of experience with them. She lost her luggage from that airlines, no respose from them regarding that from their side.

My advice : If you are going for a holiday never ever travel on Emirates even they offered free ticket

Many thanks
Sreejayan Ravindran

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