Thursday, September 21, 2006


Emirates Comments

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Date: Sep 21, 2006 9:17 PM
Subject: Emirates Comments

Just returned from India on my 6th round-trip with Emirates. Overall I
am pleased with their service.

Just 2 points rising from service resulting from the recent tightening
of security procedures:

1) Do they allow Business Class passengers 2 pieces of luggage because
terrorists don't fly Business- or because extra money allows to flout
International rules restricting a passenger to one? And rather large
and heavy at that.

2) Considering that no fluids are allowed to be brought on board why
is it that in Economy one has to wait until long after takeoff for a
glass of water while watching Business Class be served refreshments
upon arrival. Don't mention getting water from the dispenser as we are
not allowed to move from our seats until the seat belt sign is off and
being ordered back to our seats like prisoners.

Just wonder why security restrictions are different for passengers who
pay more or wonder if the well-funded terrorists might take a clue
from this. Appears that flying First Class does confer privileges.

Apropos the numerous comments about discrimination of Asian guests, as
An American living in India for 4 years I can tell you that it has
less to do with the whiteness of our skin than the respect we show to
others in a position of service.



Thursday, September 07, 2006



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Date: Sep 7, 2006 12:32 PM
Subject: emirates

The list continues…..

My mum – bless was treated really badly by the emirates staff, and I have wrote 2 letters of complaint and have heard nothing.

My mum did a last minute booking to fly to Singapore from Birmingham – and although she told the Travel Agent that she required a vegetarian meal – the onboard staff on both flights refused to acknowledge that my mum had made this request. Due to the flight being booked last minute it is understandable that the request hadn't been processed. At check in she reminded the staff that she required a Veg meal, which was ignored – then on getting on the flight (BHX-DXB) she advised the staff that she required a veg meal – again to be ignored. When the meals were served they didn't even bother to offer her a replacement – but on asking 5 times – she was then provided with an extra veg meal they had on board. Which was bad service due to staff having to be reminded 5 times – but did eventually get some sort of meal.

On the flight 2nd leg of her flight, she was treated a lot worse – as she had the same issue again – no acknowledgement of a veg meal and this time round was not offered any food what so ever. The staff said they didn't have a veg meal for her and snapped at her when she asked for some sort of replacement – i.e. the bread, crackers and cheese, dessert, fruit (anything - the tray without the hot meal seemed like a suitable replacement) and said she was only able to have a drink. What kind of service do you call this?? They spoke rudely to her and gave her no food what so ever. My mum – has a stomach bug which means she needs to eat every few hours to control any reaction – even after being advised of this – they still didn't care.

I wrote a letter of complaint, in which I was assured my mum would get better service and on both flights (sin-dbx and dbx to bhx) and will notify the staff to look after her and would guarantee her a veg meal – so what do they do??

Firstly they had no idea that she had complained and was promised extra looking after and in addition was given a meat sandwich which she took a bite into!!!! My mum a vegetarian her whole life for religious reason – had been given a non veg meal (on purpose I suspect) – with not even an apology in response – to her complaining on the aircraft and filling out a complaints form and me writing in a letter.

This is just basic customer service and they're failing to even achieve that –

I'll keep you posted if anything ever comes back.



Sonal Rattan

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