Friday, September 23, 2005


Bad Experience by Emirites airline

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From: Rahel Abebe <>
Date: Sep 23, 2005 2:21 PM
Subject: Bad Experience by Emirites airline

Dear Sir

I don't know where to report, may be you will help me.

I am working in UNOMIG(UNited Nations Observer Mission in Georgia)

I was a transit passanger from Addis Ababa-Dubay-Istanbul on 16 September
2005 by ET602,my luggaged was registered from Addis Ababa , tag#ET876885
upto Istanbul and I arrived in Dubay around 8:30pm. I spent the night in

Next day on 17 September 2005 around 2:30pm I flow from Dubay To Istanbul
by Emirates ariline #EK121.when I arrived in Istanbul my luggage was not
loaded on the plane. I reported to Celebi Ground handling office
Reference number IST EK12707. I gave the copy of the Property report to
Istnbul Emiries Office also.

Now I don't know where my luggage is. In Istanbul Emirates office no one
reply for the telephone? How can you help me?

Thank you

Rahel AbebeI Selam


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