Thursday, November 17, 2005


Bad experience

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From: Altaf Ali <>
Date: Nov 17, 2005 6:15 AM
Subject: Re:Bad experience

To whom this may concern.

I was going to Dubai from Sydney with my wife,We checked in together at the
Emirates desk.I was on honeymoon.When i got to the boarding gate,i was given
an upgrade.I said to the staff.I dont want an upgrade if my wife dont get an
upgrade.I was told wait till everyone gets on board,if there are any seats
left she can sit next to you.when everyone boarded the plane i was told to
go inside the plane and the steward will arrange for my wife to sit next to
me.When i boarded the plane i was told to pay for my wifes upgrade which was
£ i said to the steward i dont want an upgrade,i want to sit
back next to my wife.And i was told there is someone sitting next to my
wife.So i was left no choice but to pay for an upgrade,even though there was
2 empty seats next to me.I feel i should not have got charged for the
upgrade.I explained my situation to the cabin crew and they said it is
unfair and they will personally send an email to emirates.I have wrote to
you a several times and i have had no reply.A year before this situation i
bought a return flight to Dubai from Manchester,due to family problems i
could board the flight.Eventhough i checked in i had to cancell my flight
and go home.i wrote to you regarding this and i have had no reply?

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