Monday, November 14, 2005


Fwd: My impression of the complaining twats....

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From: donia khoudja <>
Date: Nov 14, 2005 9:44 AM
Subject: My impression of the complaining twats....


I just been reading few complains about pax being upset with EK
handling.... I have been flying with emirates for the last 8 years,
and been purser for nearly 3 years... and this people are getting on
my nerves with their comments.
I would like to mention one important things about this crew who wrote
this descriminating mail .
1. because of crew like her, we actually get the bad reputation and
the attitude that everyone is talking about.
2. she has her own opinon, FAIR ENOUGH, however, she shouldnt have
mentionned the nationalities and the origins of pax complaining, as
far as i am concerned she is not doing the right job and leaves in the
wrong country, maybe she should go back to england or where ever she
comes from.... she needs to remember that this pakistanis or indians
built up her own country and when she needs a cheap manicure she would
also go to the cheapest place where only indians and pakistanis are
3. I must admit that she is quiet right regarding some issues like "
give me pepsi" or "chicken " without a please or a thank you however
she cannot educate people and if she decided to do the job, then she
should not get upset, she might see this pax once in her live.
4. most of the problems comes from ground staff and then off course we
have to handle it on board, but after all this years , i never got in
trouble with pax coming from asia, but lot more from the UK and
Australia regardless where the origins is from
5. i beleive in one thing is when you put your uniform on and go happy
on the flight, beleive me your journey will be much more different
than when you wake up in the morning and go with a big time attitude
and if so then you should change your job as this one is definitly
not for you.

Finally, i have enough of people complaining about supid thing like
delays when they should be happy mostly when its for a safety issue,
at least they will be on a safe aircraft... Also, just to remind all
pax who are complaining that we DO NOT get pay when we have a delay
with pax on board regadless of 1hr or 3 hr and we try to be
professional and smile at all time, eventhough we wake up at 5am for a
8am departure.....
At least if they want to complain they should complain about more
important things, emirates is an excellent airline and for those crew
who are complaining about it, then change your job as it is such a
shame when someone is asking you who are you working for and you say
emirates.... honestly you should be ashamed and EK shouldnt keep crew
like her.


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