Saturday, November 12, 2005


Final descent to utopia...

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From: Fahd A Osman <>
Date: Nov 12, 2005 11:36 PM
Subject: Final descent to utopia...
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I have had the dubious pleasure of skimming through some of the mind
numbingly massive missives on this page, and the only eloquent
statement I can make to all those out there that feel hard done by
Emirates, or any other service provider, is 'boo hoo!'

Obviously half the would be champions of the oppressed travellers, who
have decided to detail (excruciatingly) their tales of travail, were
born and raised in a pristine little island somewhere of the coast of
happyland, never having to face, as us real world dwellers do, the
disappointments of every day existance.

As an employee of the Emirates group, I normally have to endure
schedule disruptions caused by the fact that my booking may be
cancelled or that I may be asked to take a later flight to accommodate
other passengers who arrive at the last minute or have requested to be
boarded on a full flight due to humanitarian reasons. This happens
frequently, and I don't mind it one bit. If I can make someones life
easier and support the distinction which Emirates has earned as one of
the world's best airlines, so be it.

The awards Emirates have received are based on the opinions of
innumerable seasoned travellers who have been exposed to enough in air
service (both good and bad) to know their elbow from the other thing.
I would like to humbly make a request of those crybabies who feel that
every little service related hiccup that happens is part of a larger
organised conspiracy formulated for the express purpose of causing
them discomfort; please get over yourselves, and if you can't, go back
home to happyland and leave the normal people alone.

Fahad Osman

Planning & Projects

Dnata Agencies

Emirates Group

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