Monday, April 10, 2006


From an Emirates crew

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From: sana <>
Date: Apr 10, 2006 3:53 AM
Subject: From an Emirates crew

Dear jawad,

I am Emirates crew and when I came across your web site I was shocked
to see all those complaints from passengers,

But today I am the one complaining on how I have been treated by the
management as an employee of the company.

I've been working for nearly 3 years with a pretty good file (Good
attendance, no complaints fr psg…),one day I hurt my back while
working ,I reported it as we've been told to ,after been sick unable
to fly for 6 months I've been giving no choice but to resign I might
have a permanent disability and plus I owed the company money

In my country I will be offered compensation, I was just a number and
god protects my colleagues from getting hurt.

Maybe I should not discuss internal affairs in such a site but since a
so called "terry daily" is openly talking about how he selected the
crew and apologies on their behalf for the EMIRATES STANDARD NOT
MAINTAINED and how he will make things change, in a well known news
paper ,I allowed myself to express my frustration .

I hope my voice will be heard.

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