Thursday, January 26, 2006


Bad experience

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From: Afzal, Khan <>
Date: Jan 26, 2006 3:48 AM
Subject: Bad experience

I was booked for the flight from Lagos(Nigeria) to Dubai and linked
flight to Islam Abad on 22nd of Dec.2005.My ticket was confirmed and
They issued me Boarding Pass with out Seat numbers .I asked on the
counter for it and they told me it will be issued during boarding. I
went through immigration and went to check in area .After long waiting
they announce to check in, for the passengers who had the seat numbers
on the boarding cards. They told us to wait we will attend you. They
send some other people from us to one side and get some money from
them and they issued them seat numbers. At the Last they start excuses
that the flight was overbooked and you have to go back and you will
fly tomorrow on 23rd Dec. We request them but in vain. Spending 5hours
at the airport and went back to home because of the Airline staff

It was a very bad experience for me as I am traveling since 1978 to
various countries with various carriers. They promised they will
compensate with free next flight, but who will trust them. I will go
today again to the Airport ,and I don't know what will happened again.

Afzal Khan

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