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From: art <>
Date: Jan 7, 2006 1:15 PM
Subject: Baggage

Recent 4th January and ongoing - Baggage failure at Dubai

I can only describe it as managerial incompetence, the way that
Emirates have handled and continues to (as it is still ongoing) the
current baggage delays at Dubai. My baggage snarled up in Dubai and
bound for Glasgow has still not arrived two days after its should
have!! I was on Jakarta EK 349 to Glasgow EK 025.

The company staff including a purser on EK 349 and their ground agents
in Jakarta and Dubai have lied to me throughout. They might fly new
planes but their frigging customer care and honesty is non existent, a
pathetic photocoped apologetic letter from James Redford on their
behalf handed to me by BMI staff at Glasgow is all I have received
from them....after patiently enduring their delays......I have had
spend money to purchase new and needed clothes, spent money on phone
calls trying to find out what was going on and why my luggage never
turned up on the next day flight.

I would'nt mind it if they hade been honest and told me straight that
my luggage would not be with me for three days but all the frigging
lying is not on.

BMI staff did phone me today at 5pm to tell me that my baggage will
arrive tomorro in Glasgow but then when I get is another question?
They are not to blame as they only are acting as receive and dispatch
agents for Emirates in Glasgow, my bag should have been on the
following day flight.

Emirates customer care and consideration is for me pathetic and I
will never, ever, ewver fly them for best airline,
maybe best aircraft would be more applicable. Its Singapore Airlines
and Manchester from now on for me.

I will and I suggest everyone who has experienced problems like this
should write directly to the Head of Emirates as I am sure he thinks
everything is honk dory on the ground while his incompetent management
screws up big time on customer relations!!

Art Ward

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