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Disappointment with Emirates Airlines

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Disappointment with Emirates Airlines
Tue, 20 Jul 2004 23:02:27 +0800

This is a letter in reagards to the disappointing service of the Emirates Airlines in Jordan and on the flight itself.

Firstly on Thursday 21st of November, 2002, we were very disappointed in the manner we were treated at the Jordan International Airport by an Emirates staff, Mr Bassam Milham, who did not take the time to help us when we were having an inconvenience at the Airport re our passports; this problem was at hand and there was no reason that he had to desert us at the immigration desk, when we still had plenty of time to board the flight,as the baggage had already been checked in. We all had our boarding passes and all was in order, Mr Bassam Milham, could not take the time to examine our dual citizenship, instead, he wanted to rush home to his Iftar as this was Ramadan. He did not have the responsibility to be diligent in his place of employment and attend to the needs of The Emirates passsengers, No! He rushed home to have Iftar!........Our luggage was removed from the flight as no one had the authority to let us continue our way to immigration. Thence, there was nothing to do but to return to the town we were staying and to find accommodation. We were left absolutely stranded. We had no Jordanian money, then after that, we had to make expensive phone calls to find transprt and organize financial arrangements for accommodation, We were just so inconvenienced and left absolutely helpless, We had to search for return vehicles to return us to our destination and couldn't even book two vehicles to take us back to the Jordanian International Airport another day as we were on standby and had no idea when we would be travelling back to Australia, As well as the extra cost of returning to the town and then having to go back to the airport when we did find seats on the flight. The inconvenience of having to find a loan to cover the extra accomodation, transport and food, was not called for.
I had to ring a friend in Australia to borrow a $1000.00. Not only that but our four children found it difficult to cope with all the extra problems that we had to face...Unpacking most of the luggage that was so meticulously packed, then having to repeat that process all for the negligence of Mr Milham, was very unnecessary.

We also found that the staff in the Emirates office in Amman, Jordan, did not want to make the effort to help us to originally change our booking and find seats on another day, They just said that everything was fully booked from Dubai to Perth until March next year. We rang most days but the answer was always the same. It was not until I rang our agent in Perth that we finally got help with success. There were six seats available for me and my family, without any fuss and ado. That was the flight dated November, 21st 2002.

I really don't know why the Emirates in Amman could not help us as simply as our agent far away in Australia. That cost us more expense on international phone calls from Jordan to Australia. This was not necessary if the office in Amman had been more helpful. That was the flight that Mr Milham was responsible for us having missed. Then every day we had to ring to find an available flight, hence we were on standby, not knowing when to book the cars, so we had the cars on standby too, which cost yet more in the fare to the Jordanian Airport. We eventually found five available seats the same day I rang which we had no choice but to take and were told that we may have to pay an extra $100.00 for the 6th seat in "M" class as that was all that could be done. We departed from Amman on Tuesday, 26th day of November, then from Dubai on Wednesday, 27th November to Perth. There were available seats from Amman to Dubai, then when we checked in at Dubai in transit, there were 6 seats available all in economy without the fuss of having to obtain and pay for an "M" class seat.

I know that if passengers have already booked and paid for their tickets, that they are not helped as well as those that are intending to fly...and afterall there were empty seats on that flight.

We are happy to say that the food on the Emirates has been very delicous on all the flights except for that food on the Wednesday 27th November flight from Dubai to Perth. The first snack was cold chicken in a cold, tough bun with hard, dried apricots that kept falling out of the bun, then at breakfast, some of us had no choice. We had to take what was available, and no Lunch (i.e. time lapse), afternoon tea was a tough cake-like sandwich with small bits of cold, melted cheese amongest some fragments of cold, stale tomato. We noticed that many passengers did not go through the ordeal of eating that, including my family.
This is an insult to the Australian people. What do you think we are? A bunch of idiots that will eat anything you throw to them?????????

This is not a good image for the Emirates airlines. We are very disappointed at the irresponsibility of the staff to allow these incidents to occur.
We are going to notify the media in Australia as well as other countries where the Emirates operate so that intending passengers are aware of what type of Airlines you are operating.

Yours sincerely
m. munasley

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