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Emirates airlines flight

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Emirates airlines flight
Thu, 2 Sep 2004 13:41:27 +0200

I recently flew on flight EK405, from Auckland New Zealand to Palma De Mallorca Spain, this journey took 38 hours. I was a mother travelling on my own with my two small children. I had particularly chosen Emirates Airlines as I had been told from the travel agent that they were particularly good when you had children. Unfortunately I did not find this to be so.It started with a very rude man at the check in desk at Auckland Airport, who was not only unhelpful but made checking in twice as difficult with the children than was necessary and I'm afraid reduced me to tears. As a consequence of his wrong information two of my bags are now missing!!.
The first leg from Auckland to Melbourne was fine. Than plane was not full so we received a helpful courteous manner from the cabin crew. However, for the next 35 hours, this was not to continue. The legs from Melbourne to Singapore to Dubai to Frankfurt, were to say the least, atrocious. To start with I had to constantly request for food for my 18 month old son at meals times. I felt I should not have had to even ask, did they think he would not want food for 30 hours!!!. I did not think I was being too demanding in this request,but there after I was completely ignored when I ask for assistance in other matters, which were few.
I found the attitude of the stewardess when serving the meals to be very unpleasant, especially the leg from Melbourne to Singapore. There where several other incidents that took place, which made me realise that they are not more helpful when you are on your own with children. In fact I was made to feel I had no right to be travelling with children. I will most certainly not be using Emirates again. And I do hope other people will read this before making the decision to use this airline when traveling with their children.
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