Tuesday, October 12, 2004


"The Best Airline in the World"

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"The Best Airline in the World"
Tue, 12 Oct 2004 23:06:59 +0000

its a lie that Emirates is the best airlines of the world ... i have few reasons to say that ... they must bought that headline same when they payed $200m for chelsie ...
my story started in january when i switched to Emirates Airlines ... i flew from sydney/AUSTRALIA to Dubai to stay 2 days in it then fly to Amman/Jordan...i called them pre-flying asked them if i need to get a visa to stay in Dubai ... they told me that i will get it in there ... when i arrived there on 25th of January 2004 they asked me to pay 520 derhams for Visa only ... which will be alot cheaper if i got it from UAE embassy in sydney US$18. now i really have to pay for the Visa to get out Airport but i wasnt able to buy my mom her present because I got little money left over to survive for the next 2 days. I thoughtmust be a misscomunication in between me and Emirate Airline councelate in sydney thats i havnt ask him how much to pay even i was sure that shouldnt be that much. Second flight with Emirates was 6th of September 2004.. I called both Embassy of the UAE and the Emirates Airlines to confirm the price of the Visa ...both told me that will! not even cost me $US18 in there. I trusted them and flew to Dubai and arrived 6th of September 2004... they asked me thsi time for US$260 BUT not for Visa ...that will be to stay in one of their hotels in Dubai but to get a visa I have to buy the hotel voucher ...oh my god ... what a way of ripping peopl of ... i will stuck in Airport if i ddnt do that ... i was really shocked of how cheap their way to squeeze money from people ... i almost lost lost my wallat and my built bag in Airport because of forestration ... they lost my suit case in my way back to sydney .. thanks to sydney Airport that they really got my suit case back ... they issued a replacement for Transite hotel voucher 2 hours before flying from Amman to Dubai which made really very nervous ... i thought I will be sleeping in Airport ..
Dear Sir ..I have tax invoices for all what i payed for visas and hotels and report for losing my suit case ...and imagin you can imagine what hell i went through
thank you for what you doing and i hope next time i will be able to publish my proved story in local papers in Australia and i will work hard on doing that. everytime i remember not handing to my mom her present it really hurts so much.

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