Friday, October 15, 2004


A Complaint

"BURKI & COMPANY" Add to Address Book
A Complaint
Fri, 15 Oct 2004 11:50:17 +0500

Dear Mr. Rana Jawad,

Kindly add my following complaint at your website.


Managing Director,
Emirates Airline.

Subject: Complaint for Lost of Luggage

Dear Sir/Madam,

I travel abroad frequently for business purposes and I always fly with Emirates Airline due to its superior and most satisfactory services. Last time I travelled with Emirates Airline from UK to Karachi. I flew with Flight# EK004 at 2030 hours on 11/10/04 from London to Dubai and then arrived to Karachi in flight # EK600 at 1200 hours on 12/10/04. I took my luggage at Quaid-e-Azam International Airport and when I reached at home I was dazed to find that one of my luggage i.e a briefcase locked zipper was opened forcefully and some items like perfumes, shirts, ties etc. were missing. I overlooked my luggage at Karachi airport because I was in hurry and also I waited unusually very long for the said briefcase that was at the end of the queue.

I do not want my missing items back but I am really distress that such incident arose during my travel with Emirates Airline. I always travelled with Emirates Airline due to its best services in the world. That is why I was not expecting such unpleasant thing while I was flying with Emirates. I do not know whether the Airline crew or the carrier handling personnel at Karachi airport made this obnoxious act, but I am still in shock that this kind of service was provided by a World Class Airline.

As I said before that I do not want the missing items or its worth money back, but I am very concerned that your company should investigate the matter to find it out that why this unpleasant incident happened and who was/were involved in this. It is my opinion that a crewmember of Emirates Airline should keep an eye for the safe transfer of the luggage from aircraft to the luggage track at airports. I strongly think that if you do not try to overcome such kind of shortcomings then it might badly affect the reputation of a World Class Airline. You can see many complaints about your Airline on the website

I hope that my request will be entertained accordingly and your company will take a definite and accountable step.

Thanking You

Jahanzeb Khan Burki
Chief Executive
H/P: 92333-2113786
Tel: 9221-4645786, 4648786
Fax: 9221-4647862

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