Saturday, October 23, 2004


Emirates Airlines.

"Ravi P Doshi" Add to Address Book
Emirates Airlines.
Sat, 23 Oct 2004 19:48:06 +0530

Kind attn.: Dr Rana Jawad Asghar,

We came to know about your detailed journey experience with Worlds No.1 Airlines (for name sake).

We also have faced a lots of problem from Emirates Airlines and our efforts to get justification have turned Futile.

Sir, if you have any advise for getting the justification from this people it will be highly appreciated.

Please go through with following problems I faced with Emirates Airlines.:

"Myself Mr.Jitendra H. Bokadia came from Mumbai to Dubai by EK 505 on 4th July 2004 and was issued boarding pass from your Emirates counter at Mumbai airport up to Istanbul.

When I attended for check in at the counter of Gate No. 25 at Dubai airport at 1.00 O,clock in the afternoon for EK 121 on 4th July, 2004 your Ms.Samira Khan - Security officer saw my Boarding pass and Passport/Visa, she kept all my document i.e. Passport, Tickets, Boarding pass and instructed to the Emirates Counter people to cancel the Boarding pass, offload from the particular Aircraft and then told me to wait for some time and we will call you.

After some time when I contacted her again, she told do not disturb me. I requested her that what is the problem, why are you not allowing me, after request she told me that your Visa is not proper you cannot enter in Turkey with this VISA, you must Exit Turkey without cross emigration within 24 Hrs., but you do not have a confirmed ticket and hence you are off loaded from the Aircraft.

After my several request on telling her that I am Visiting Turkey first time, please advise me what should I do,, so that I can visit and I have to Visit because I have fixed appointment with my client for negotiation of orders. She told me you can contact Mr.Khalid Chater - Document check officer at the Counter of gate No.25. When I went and contacted Mr.Khalid he told me when our security officer has off loaded you, we cannot do anything

and do not try to disturb again and again and your ticket is also not confirmed you cannot travel.

I had requested him that please see my ticket all the sector has been booked, Immediately he has thrown my ticket and told me we are not bothered about your ticket what our computer will show we will have to follow, this was done in front of all the passengers almost 100 person were there, finally Flight was pushed out.

I once again contacted Ms.Samira and Khalid Chater, I told them please see my ticket and passport again I am not able to understand what exact problem is, then they have seen my Passport and ticket and Samira told Mr.Khalid to take him to our Airport Service manager at Gate No.18.

When he took me to Emirates Airport Service Manager Mr. Ibrahim, he also did not listen to my problems and started shouting at me and told me, if you want to go to Istanbul or not. We are not hear to listen to your story.

I said OK now I am under you, you can do any thing with me. This is totally your fault not mine, when Boarding pass is issued from Mumbai up to Istanbul I am on transit in Dubai, what ever problem of Visa that is Govt. of Turkey problem and the same should have been attended by emirates air lines before issuing boarding pass to me at Mumbai.

Finally they have given me the Hotel accommodation at evening 19.00 in Hotel Millenium at airport and issued me ticket in Turkey Airlines on the day of 5th July, 2004 on Flight TK 1163. I had requested them please ensure about my baggage which has been already booked up to ISTANBUL in EK 121. Your emirates staff told me do not worry we will take care and you will receive your bag in Istanbul in TK 1163 and we will hand over them to you.

When I reached Istanbul and gone for baggage claim my baggage had not come and finally I had contacted to Turkey Airlines LOST and FOUND office people,, They saw in the computer and told me EMIRATES people have handled your luggage and have not handed over to us. hence we cannot do anything you must contact Emirates Airlines,, in the meanwhile we shall send email to DUBAI Airport and try to get it back immediately.

In the meanwhile I am now in Romania and have yet to receive my baggage. I am a pure vegetarian Jain and had a lot of trouble with the food since my baggage included food preparations which I had carried from home in the baggage. As a result of this I am now unwell and facing stomach pains. I have also missed out my planned itinerary and hence lost business worth USD 200,000.00 possibility upto USD 500,000.00.

I seek an explanation from you for this behavior of your staff members due to which all this inconvenience was caused and would like to take the matter up judicially, since I feel that my health and wealth has both been effected by this treatment met out by Emirates Airlines. At the moment I don’t have any knowledge about my baggage.

All my Sales documents and necessary papers were in the baggage hence my entire trip has proved futile. I have booked the ticket from Bucharest to Dubai by Flight EK 122 leaving on 8th July, 2004 and reaching Dubai on early morning 9th, where should I stay, will you arrange my hotel. What about my visa, since my return ticket for Mumbai is for the 11th July."

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