Monday, October 25, 2004

"Anthony Harris" Add to Address Book
Emirates Airlines
Mon, 25 Oct 2004 17:16:48 +1300

Dear Jawad and Everybody who visits this page,
I have flown with Emirates numerous times, and have experienced no trouble
whatsoever. I have flown 4 times all of which have been AKL-BNE and back. On
our first flight, we lost some of our carry on luggage on the plane. We
asked Cabin Crew to help us find it, and they helped us. They were very
professional, easy to relate and helpful.We did find the luggage. While we
were at the airports, we asked quite a few questions, all the Emirates staff
were very very helpful. Also on our first flight (return from BNE-AKL) we
asked for a window seat and they happily gave it to us, even though we were
all booked for aisle seats again. Also on that same flight, our IFE System
froze up. The Cabin Crew were very very very helpful for this matter and
went out of their way to help us fix it. As were boarded and disembarked,
the Cabin Crew were polite as they directed us to our seats, They remained
this way throughout the flight. None of Baggage was stolen or tampered with,
customs and checkin were very fast. Overall, our experience with Emirates
was very pleasant, and I would definitely reccomend it to everybody. It was
better than most airlines Business class. And we were in Economy. :).
I think that a number of these may be exaggerations, lies, or perhaps the
truth. But the likelihood that some of this would have happened anyway, is
very slim. I think that some of you need to pull your heads in a little bit.
Oh, and a message for those who have or are planning to fly with Emirates,
take valuables in your hand luggage, or get Priority Luggage, it ony costs a
few dollars more. Anyway, at most airports, the luggage is handed to Ground
Staff or to a handling company. It doesn't always stay with the airline. So
in effwect, it is not the airlines fault if something happens to your
baggage. So don't blame them.
Pleased customer of Emirates.

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