Thursday, December 30, 2004


Emirates Complaint

"Suby Philip" Add to Address Book
Emirates Complaint
Thu, 30 Dec 2004 13:01:20 -0500

I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction with Emirates service and
staff. I was confirmed on a flight from JFK to Cochin via Dubai on the 29th
of December. I had called Emirates 5 days prior to my departure to confirm
my flight and obtain seat assignments. Yet, when I got to the counter more
than 2 hours prior to departure the Emirates representative told me that
there were no seats available. What’s the purpose of assigning seats if
Emirates can’t keep it’s commitment? The Emirates representative was very
unprofessional, was eating chips behind the counter while we were talking
and very indifferent to our concerns. The whole staff was very unapologetic.
There were at least 10 other passengers with the same problem.
I fly frequently and never have come across such unprofessional staff. When
I book a flight, and have a confirmed seat, I expect to fly. We had major
plans for the 31st, I asked the Emirates representative to put my
co-traveler and I on a different airline to get us there on the 31st but
Emirates wasn’t able to do that. I was finally offered a flight on the 30th,
which would put me in Cochin on the 1st and $400 in cash or another ticket
to the same destination within a year. Why would I want to fly with Emirates
again given the service I received? I was told my only choice was to fly on
30th at 11:30 PM. I told the Emirates representative the least she could do
is upgrade us to Business class since we have to spend New Years Eve in
flight, she couldn’t accommodate that either. I am wondering how many people
will get bumped off the flight on the 30th. Will never travel with Emirates
Suby Philip

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