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i was just searching some things about the emirates when i came across your
i have lived in dubai most of my life. originally from australia, i moved to
dubai because of my father, who just so happens to be one of the senoir
traning captains.
the letter that the mother wrote is old, but quite hilarious, and to be
honest, it was stuck up in crewing for everyone to read, because nobody took
it seriously.
whenever i travel, i fly emirates, and i have found it to be the best
airline. you can trust me on this, as i travel frequently, and after flying
with other ailines, i see myself returning to the emirates check in time and
time again.
i find it quite amusing that people expect such high standards. after all,
the people who are serving you, are just like yourself, but they do their
job 32000 feet above the earths surface, with about 300 people nagging them.
have you ever taken the time to think what they have to go through??? i flew
economy for many years, and i thought that it was heaven sent! you were
gievn your own televison, the seats were big and comfy and you had great
service. when i flew in economy, i noticed just how much work they do. no
untrained person could do what they do. they are continuously helping those
who ask for something, they serve food, which mind you, i dont recall
getting a choice on airlines such as BA AF, Qantas, MA and more. emirates
serves great food! there is no doubt about it, and after meals have been
served, those who have the pleasure of getting airsick...well, cabin crew
have the job of cleaning up the hits and misses! i have met some great
people onboard, but i also met whingers, who think that theyre the bees
knees of the flight and deserve the attention of each and every crew member.
please remember, before you fly, read the back of your ticket, it says how
much weight your allowed per class. for example, you paid for an ecomony
ticket, so, unless you want your crate to fly with you, you will have to pay
for it! everything has to be weighed so that the plane can get off the
ground...sounds stupid i know, but it all adds up!
if your baggage is damaged...its not the man at the desks fault, if you got
on in another country and flew to dubai, well, it may have been some little
man who put the baggage on the plane who just so happens to work for the
airport...not emirates. it works like that for a lot of airlines...including
emirates. all the ground staff work as a whole for each and every airline.
tough titties if your handle ripped off...did you consider that maybe your
bag was too heavy to start off with...or was it crap material?? many a times
have i lost my baggage because it didnt get on at one what, i know
if i treat the bag man as a person, i will soon get my bags back, in the
same condition they went on. it workd the same for each and every person in
this treat them like dirt..then you wont get what you want.
remember, treat others how you would want to be treated.
there is also a thing called baggage service, which will take care of your
oversized items such as strollers and surfbords etc...then, when you reach
your destination, they will either be at the baggage control, or be the
first things on the conveyor, as they are classed as high priority.
flying is supposed to be enjoyable....but when you sit next to someone who
keeps on harping, it becomes the flight from take into
consideration of your fellow passengers. your not the only one on the plane.
if you paid for an economy class or business class ticket, do you honestly
think that you will be allowed to go and sit up in first?!?! i dont know how
many times i have seen people try and sit in first class with an economy
class ticket. its just plain rude and stupid! you will be caught!
check in! do you have no brains! there are thousands of people in an
aiport....most, strangly, have to be checked in. its the rule for any
international flight...2 HOURS before departure...that is when you must
check in...because you can be sure that someone who is on standby will be
sitting at that check in counter 30 minutes before take off...and when you
arrive 10 minutes later, you will be sent home...because you didnt read your
ticket, and that standby passenger is now sitting in your seat! it happens
on every single flight!!!
delayed flights happen all the time, and there is nothing that can be done
about it. i sure as hell wouldnt want to take off and then hear 30 minutes
into the flight...we have to turn back because impatient customers wanted to
leave without refuelling...or checking a tyre, or beause they wanted to stay
on time. get over it, so what if your 30 minutes late...if it means that you
get to your destination that little bit later and safer...then take it. but
let me tell you, pilots do a lot of tricky things to catch up with
time...and unless your plane is delayed hours on end, you usually end up
getting to place B on time!!!
while every set of cabin crew do their best throughout each is
quite obvious, that first and business class will get the better treatment,
simply because there are over 100 less people (all of 12 in first!) to
serve, and they did pay more money for more specialities.
last but not least...
out of the millions of people who fly with emirates each year...there are
only a hanful of people who go out on a limb to complain. i cant stop anyone
from complaining, but those who have ridiculous reasons will just have to
live with it, cause there is not much that they can do for a lost nappy, or
a scratch on your suitcase. learn to deal with it. besides, im sure after
flying some dodgy airline, you will most probably return to emirates,
because you know that all in all, they did provide the best service, their
crew always smiled when when you didnt have any manners, and its the safest
airline to fly.
think about what your going to complain about, see if there is anyway you
can rectify the problem first, then, certainly, if your bags dont show up,
or your wallet was left on the plane by accident, then go tell someone, but
remember, theyre people just like you, who have to deal with thousands of
unsatisfied, grumpy and angry people every day. there only there to help
you, but be nice, it never gets you anywhere when you yell and rant and rave
have a nice day!

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