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I just HAVE TO share my two cents...

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I just HAVE TO share my two cents...
Thu, 27 Jan 2005 10:09:09 +0100

After reading about one third of the main page and all the complaints
therein, I felt I had to share my two cents with you regarding Emirates and
flying in general.
I fly a lot (around 20.000km each month and have been doing so for almost 10
years now) and I always fly economy, not only because it's cheap but because
I don't see any sense in doshing out three times as much for a business
class seat, in which I'll do exactly the same thing I normally do, i.e.
Being in economy class so much, I can't help but notice how rude most
passengers are, which in turn generates less responsive service from the
crew. It's a natural reaction people. I can't help but agreeing with Kate
Murray on this one. Think people, think! If you ask someone nicely for
something, you will get it. If you are rude and don't even know how to say
please or thank you, then what do you expect?
The subject of kids on the plane is something I don't even need to get into.
If you are a good parent, your kids won't lose their god damn mind during
the flight (or anywhere else for that matter). You need to be PREPARED when
travelling. This means, THINKING in advance about what you need to bring
with you, for yourselves and your children. Milk, toys - all that crap is
YOUR responsibility and not the airlines. Unfortunately, many parents
wouldn't know how to raise a dog, let alone a child, which is why there are
so many flights with kids crying their hearts out. There was someone using
the excuse that Asians have more kids, which is why they need all this
special attention. What? Are you bloody joking with me? Has nothing to do
with the amount of kids you've got. This is a PARENTING issue mate. If you
are a successful parent, your kids will not cry for food every twenty
minutes (because you have been firm with them and disciplined them into a
regulated feeding schedule) and once they do need to eat, you will have milk
readily available and when they can not fall asleep because they are bored,
you will have toys and other crap available to keep them happy. This is your
DUTY as a parent and nobody elses.
So, it's safe to say that passengers contribute just as much to the
atmosphere in the plane as the crew does. It would take a crew of Buddhist
Monks not to get upset by the behaviour of "some" passengers. No names or
nationalities mentioned.
Now, as far as the whole "confirmed seats" thing is concerned, that's never
been an issue for me, maybe it's because I have a good travel agent taking
care of it all for me, but all I do is pick up my ticket and fly. I have
never had a single lost or damaged piece of luggage (except one time when I
had a backpack, onto which I strapped a jacket, needless to say it got
ripped to pieces when caught on some conveyor belt), I have never had any
problems with overweight (up to 5kg overweight is generally tolerated, but I
rarely have even half of that), I have always been served well by the flight
attendants (male and female) on pretty much all airlines I've flow with,
EVEN the dreaded Eastern European airlines, which in my opinion are not at
all as bad as people point them out to be.
I always try to get an emergency exit seat, since I'm 6'4. Sometimes I get
it, sometimes I don't. It helps to check in as early as possible, especially
on busy routes. So if you want to get the emergency seat, sit together with
your mates or your family, get there early!
I don't know what to say anymore, I've exhausted myself at the fact that
people can be so horribly uninformed, stupid even and not even posses the
slightest trace of tolerance or understanding towards anyone else but
themselves. Then again, such traits never were a big hit with you people to
begin with. All I can say is, yes, I too have had the odd grumpy flight
attendant and delays. Who hasn't? People have bad days, stuff breaks down,
fog blankets the airport, etc.

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