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Wed, 23 Feb 2005 04:55:00 -0800 (PST)
"charmain d'souza" Add to Address Book
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I stumbled by your site by mistake but it was
intresting reading the comments.I wanted to add to it
I have been born here in Dubai and frequently
travel,incidently we travel mostly by emirates I must
say in comparision to other airlines they are good but
yes I also noted a steady decline in the quality of
services rendered as the airline has become much more
There are times when the passengers are very
difficuilt and that invariably leads to
misunderstandings..but overall I still maintain that
Emirates has done a good job.
What did disturbe me though is the comment passed by
Kate Murray about Indians & Pakistani's which goes to
show her narrow minded,simplistic & small
thinking."highflyinkate" as her using name implies is
flying too high that she has lost her basic sense of
etiquette.Maybe she had to remove the brick size chip
off her shoulder before dishing out advise to others.
From the intricate way kate has discribed various
scenarios I would gather she is an airhostess who
loathes her job so way dosen't she get anothe one or
is white skin on her ass the only qualification she
possess.Apologies for my language but she asked for
it!Asians have made Dubai what it is today may it be
any feild just check the statistics for
proof.Incidently had kate two decent nickels to rub
togher she would be in her home country as considering
the exchange rate to that of the US$/Pound the pay
here is much lower.
Very strange to find someone possesing the stone age
mentality in this civilized era.

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