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emirates airlines

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emirates airlines
Tue, 01 Mar 2005 19:56:16 +0000

I have just returned from India flying via Dubai on emirates. On arrival at
Hyderbad I found that not only my Luggage but 20 lots of luggage had not
arrived on the flight even though there was a 2 hour transfer time. On
reporting the loss we were told just to return the next day and the luggage
may have arrived, this was advised by India baggage handler. We insisted on
speaking to an emirates agent after 15 minutes an employee of emirates
turned up and was completely unhelpful only advising us the same our bags
would possible arrive the next day and it was only 24 hours to wait. When
you have been travelling for 18 hours in the same cloths the idea of a
further 24 hours did not appeal to me. They refused any compensation as the
supervisor was not available to authorise this. Several people had
connecting flights and were told they would have to return to collect their
bags. In the baggage area was a locked room containing several hundred bags
many with emirates labels and a separate area containing 50 – 60 bags which
were all emirates. On returning the following day only 1 bag had arrived. To
obtain this took 1 hour of paperwork with emirates and customs. The emirates
book of lost luggage which I examined during signing for my bag contained a
full a4 page for every day and most days were full, on average emirates were
misplacing 20 – 30 bags per day. On collecting my bag from customs area the
latest emirates flight had arrived with again 8 bags missing. I understand
bags do go missing but this amount every day is not good customer service
and emirates staff are very uncooperative when you complain to the extent of
being rude. The second bag finally turned up 2 days later after we had
chased emirates with numerous phone calls. Each time we were assured they
were looking at the problem and would ring us back, which they never did. We
were lucky that we were only 30 minutes from the airport. If we had been
travelling we would have never seen our bags again. Emirates may have won
several awards but certainly not for customer service. I would advise people
to carry some cloths in hand luggage as on average emirates mishandle 10% of
passenger’s luggage from the records I saw. As a company director I know the
effect customer service has on a business and if this is typical of emirates
and reading some of the reports it is they deserve to be the world’s worst
airline not the best. I like may others have been searching for an address
to complaint to emirates and as per others have had no success which I
believe is because they do not wish to receive complaints and can then
claim their customers are satisfied. I for one will be avoiding emirates in
the future

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