Monday, April 18, 2005


From a cre member

"Stephen Xuereb" Add to Address Book
Mon, 18 Apr 2005 22:43:20 +0400

The shame to read your article and some of the complaints.

I work for a middle eastern airline as crew, and for all you know it could very well be the airline you have mentioned.

Once we start getting the manners and respect we get from our passengers travelling predominantly to/from India and Pakistan then I and many others will treat them in the same respect as those travelling from European and Australian flights.

Our main priority is safety, hard to provide it when certain people from those areas challenge you on doing your job, this goes for service too.

We cannot help that your people are being employed in other countries at lower wages than others, but in the airline I work in, no matter where your from you are all equal. Not all our passengers of course are bad, but for those who wish to "try" and create a fuss then this email is for you. Good luck on finding a body in the "USA" that will disciplin an airline which isn't from the USA. Wishful and silly thinking. Passengers should change their attitude and respect the jobs of the crew who are in charge of their passengers lives and not fuss over not getting their option of food.

There are other airlines, I advise you and others to PLEASE use them.


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