Thursday, April 21, 2005


lost baggage on emirates flight nairobi-london on 7th/march/2005

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lost baggage on emirates flight nairobi-london on 7th/march/2005
Thu, 21 Apr 2005 18:18:55 +0100

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Thankyou for providing us a platform where we can air our complains about the mediocre service which emirates airlines provides to its customers. Even though I am frequent traveller ,it was the first time I was travelling emirates . I travelled both ways from London/Nairobi and Nairobi/London with both trips having stopovers in Dubai. Apart from the flight being on time everything else was caotic from food to the service from the crew.To cap it all they lost my baggage and I have never been able to recover it . I have tried to contact the airline but nothing seems to be going on ,and all my correspondence with baggaging department are ignored.

Emirates think they owe us customers a favour to fly with them and this should stop at all cost.How an airline can lose a luggage of about 25kg which is got an electronic tag remains a mistery to me especially in this era of enhanced security.

Dissappointed Emirates traveller

Joseph wamithi

Flight Details- LHR EK18216

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