Friday, May 27, 2005


No award from me!

--- Anthony Bartolo <> wrote:
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> Subject: No award from me!
> Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 10:03:48 +0200
Dear Sirs,
Having read the previous complaints on the web site I wish to lodge a
complaint about the service of Emirates Airlines. My wife and I travelled to
Sydney, Australia. We booked through travel Agents in Sliema, Malta who
charges ud 5% of the value of the tickets as their commission. Why should we
pay commission. They are your Agents not mine. We spent two nights in Dubai
to break the journey (I am 77 and my wife is 69 years old). In Dubai we went
to your main booking office to see if we could change the seat allocation to
an exit seat. They told us that they did that and also for the retrun
flight. When we got on the plane we were given other seats behing the exit
ones (same as previous sector). Those seats are tight and we 'suffered'
all the way. We had ordered vegetarian meals but did not get them. On the
return. having provided Emirates with our telephone number in Sydney they
did not advise us that the direct flight Sydney/Dubai was cancelled. We got
to the airport and through the king help of an Airport employee we managed
to get on a earlier flight: Sydney/Bangkok/Dubai and on to Malta.
Having changed flight because of "technical reasons' which meant that you
did not have enough passengers for your A 340, we were allocated seats one
behind the other, separating my wife and I. Award winning - shambles
winning - more like it!
Take note of what I am saying: the more you expand the more it becomes
difficult to serve the passengers (especially in economy class) and with a
myriad of different nationalities of your staff it does not get easier, you
may think so If you care to reply you have my e-mail address.
Anthony Bartolo

Rana Jawad Asghar MD. MPH.
Coordinator South Asian Public Health Forum
Typhoid Net

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