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re . uae airlines

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re . uae airlines
Tue, 3 May 2005 16:45:02 +0200

dear sir or madam,

this is the short version.

recently my husband and i visited dubai having flown there by emirates airlines.
by accident, ours or the emirates driver who was late, a piece of hand luggage was left at the check-in desk. the bag was in the care of the driver at all times.
after realizing we were missng the bag we notified the club lounge attendant who was generally unhelpful.
at their request, i went back to the police/security office and were told the bag was at the check-in.
the flight was boading so i wrote a letter to emirates airlines absolving them of any security responsibily if they could forward the bag to rome, italy.
i also called their office in rome which is not existent and spoke to manchester, england their only european answering service.
i received one email from dubai referring me to the airport police. the police told me there would be no problem if emirates airline would pick up the bag and send it to rome.
emirates airlines do not even answer their customer email service.
conclusion - i have written to the president and vice-chairman and probably will not get an answer either but i would like to say they for all their extravagant publicity they are not worth much when compared to other national airlines.
have you heard of any similar experiences?
do you have a direct fax number for their corporate offices?

thanks, elayne ghiron
rome, iatly

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