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Whiners and stuck-up crew...

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> Subject: Whiners and stuck-up crew...
>Here goes...

Yes, there are many occasions where I've seen a passenger act all high and
mighty and throw his/her weight around on board. That's not a correct and civil
way to behave. Yes, you paid for the ticket, but that ticket limits you to your
seat, served dishes and the toilet. So those of you who feel you own the world
and feel you can throw your weight on to the poor a& tired airline crew, throw
yourselves onto a wall. Many of the points Kate put out are true, but she seems
to have drifted off somewhere...

Now...for the poor airline crew...Kate...I din't know airline crew became all
royal. Get over it, you're not. You're airline crew. You're JUST airline crew.
You ain't no Sheikha Fatima, you're a girl who works for an airline in the air.
You are, essentially, a waitress who works for a restaurant in the air.You're
paid to do the job you have, that involves taking care and serving your
passengers who are also, mind you, your company's customers. You really don't
know your job by the looks of it, because whether you like it or not, the
customer is always right (unless he/she is a potential terrorist). I'm a sales
manager, and I have to deal with bitchy customers in a civil manner, and ALWAYS

You have a real attitude problem, and from what I've read in the mockery you
posted, somewhat racist too. Yes, there are Indians and Paki wannabes, I look
down on them too, but only because they have no pride for their own country.
Ha! You think it's any better in the USA? Those who 'ARE' really American?? Let
ME tell you something lady, the only real Americans there are the Indians us
white people seem to enjoy discriminating. The British?? Yeah, many of them are
high and mighty too, but at least they have a real culture & history, and have
been around since before Julius Caesar%

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