Sunday, July 10, 2005


Damaged Luggage

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> Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2005 12:55:14 +0400
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> Subject: Damaged Luggage

This is to share the bad experience that we had flying from Muscat to Shanghai
via Dubai. We travelled from Muscat on 06/02/2005 (June 2nd 2005) to Shanghai
by Emirates and when we arrived in Shanghai we found that one of our had
luggage was broken and the handle missing, internal beading was damaged. We
reported to the Emirates office there and they were ready to give us a soft
luggage as compensation to the broken one. We did not want have a soft one
inplace of this Emminent hard luggage that we bought in Singapore. She gave a
damaged report and told us that we can go to Muscat and claim the damages. We
arrived after two weeks of travel to China and Japan and then went to the
Airport office to hand over the broken luggage. They said that they need the
reference number and since it is not available in the report thay will write to
get it from Shanghai. After three weeks of waiting finally they called us and
said we can come and collect the money. When we went there to collect the
compensation we found that they would give us 20 US $ that is equal to 20 Omani
Riyals. We said with that money we can not even buy a soft luggage and we dont
need your compensation and better replace with the same make. Now I am fighting
for it to get it replaced. Hope I will succeed in that. I will never ever
travel with them again if they treat like this.


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