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Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2005 11:41:06 +0100 (BST)
From: aparna naidu <>
Dear jawad,

I appreciate your attempt to bring to light the
atrocities piled up by the emirates staff world wide.
The carry a very dirty attitude with themselves. It
can be either the power of money which they reflect to
the world or a born skill. The staff is so careless in
screwing up any ones travel and in-flight heed is

I was on my way to Auckland from Nairobi. On reaching
Dubai I was told that the flight to Bangkok is delayed
and I was denied a hotel accommodation saying that the
rules don’t specify so. I had to pay for the hotels
and courtesy to the airport taxi guy who agreed to
take me to the hotel along with others.

On reaching Sydney my connection flight to Auckland
was lost and I had to find my own ways to accommodate
despite the requests to the staff concerned.
My constant liaising with the Nairobi office also
didn’t serve my need.

It was a total mess and I opted to change my carrier
and routing on my way back.I have decided that I will
not fly emirates hereafter and I have shared my
ill-fate of flying emirates with all my known. How
ever, this I feel is a good move to lift the veil and
reveal the monsters of airline industry

My humble request to all those who fly is that even if
the whole world collapse ; please dont use emirates.,
because its TOTAL SHIT.

If there is any one from Emriates who is reading this
please dont hesitate from being ashamed of the place
you are working for.


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