Thursday, February 23, 2006


complaint of lost luggage

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From: nitin suri <>
Date: Feb 23, 2006 10:22 PM
Subject: complaint of lost luggage

I checked one sports handbag at Emirates Airlines at International
Dubai Airport on the date 24th December 2005.
The flight was scheduled to fly at 1430 hours from International Dubai
Airport instead it got delayed about 12 hours and it flew at 3 o'clock
next morning.
Next disaster awaited ahead at Heathrow International Airport, While I
arrived here my baggage did not. When I attempted to find out what had
happened to my bag, the Emirates Airlines attendant at the check-in
desk repeatedly insisted that all checked bags had been
removed from the airline and placed on the baggage claim conveyer belt.
My patience to be standing there and rolling from one authority to
another fetched me information much later that a few bags were missing
and that they would be aboard next flight thereby reaching very soon.
However, I was suggested to wait for next 15 days beyond that I could
understand it missing and claim likewise by fil! ling up a lost
baggage form. A report was lodged pertaining to the missing bag.
Responses in general were increasingly agitated, aggressive, and unhelpful.
Next comes a series of mental harassments of ringing the office every
time and finding a totally different answer from previous one having
no relation whatsoever from the other one.
Knitting the fragmentations what I gathered after 15 days was a
requirement to fill up a Claim Form and to wait another 15 days, which
I did promptly.
What is striking is that they corresponded to my address of India when
I clearly had mentioned my address in London.
And when I spoke to them to let be aware of it they called it mistake
however I was said to wait for next 21 days.
Now the letter that was issued to me at the address of India says that
a compensation of $ 140 would be granted to me while my belongings
should at least be worth of £ 1200.
The focal point is! that why I should suffer for the negligence and
mishandlings which occurred because of the staff of an airline I
travelled by.
Further to talks that I had with Mr Manmeet Hanspaal , a person in
authority I hereby add this complaint to draw your attention about the
downsides of the services which are unacceptable and makes an
experience unpleasant for a traveller.
Reference Number of Lost Baggage: EK LHR 22799
I look forward in anticipation to have a response in this regard.
My details to be contacted on this issue are given below:
Nitin Suri
Park side , 41 Alexandra Gardens
Hounslow, Middlesex
United kingdom

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