Monday, February 13, 2006


Emirates Airline and a news about theft at Dubai airport

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From: Muhammed Asim Rao <>
Date: Feb 13, 2006 12:52 PM
Subject: Emirates Airline or its Crew responsible for OnBoard THEFT ?

Thanks Dr. Rana Jawad for your website - which at least gave me a
chance to make a complaint.

Below is TRUE story of my sister who happened to be an Unfortunate
flyer of Emirates Airline (Dubai-Lahore). She visited me in Oct 05 and
while going back - she did some Jewelry shopping; which she put in her
Hand Baggage. When they boarded the plane, Emirates Airline Crew asked
her to hand-over the baggage, citing the reason; that there is no
place on board and that it will be given back to her - when she will
arrive in Lahore. She initially refused, but crew was in hurry and
literally grabbed it from her. During the journey she was naturally
concerned about the Jewelry and when they arrived at Lahore Airport,
to her surprise the hand-baggage was the first thing that was
available on the Luggage conveyer belt, but lock was broken. All the
Jewelry was taken out of the Hand Bag and nothing else was touched.
It could have been none other then the Emirates Flying Crew - which
could have taken it.

Total Value of Jewelry that was around 4000/- US $. An official
complaint was initially logged (At Lahore Office) but no response was

She is now planning to file a law suit against Emirates Airline; not
for their negligence but their CRIMINAL act of THEFT / ROBBERY. A fax
was sent from my sister's lawyer's office to the Emirates' GM Office
in Lahore– giving all the details etc

If someone from Emirates Airline reads this, please treat it as
Official Complaint and try to find few culprits who are defaming the

It Is surprising that the staff in Lahore (Including the General
Manager) did not even care to call back or to promise take any action
… They all are acting as nothing has happened.

Below find a link of a similar case, in which an Organized Gang was
involved and was looting people; similar to the way my sister was
looted of 4000/- $ worth of Jewelry, in broad day light.

I am attaching a Link to a Khaleej Time news as well – regarding a
Well Organized Gang- which was caught on Dubai Airport (it involved
high ranking Airport Officials)

The link below will take you to the Online Version of Khaleej Times –
straight to the news which was published on 8th of Nov. 2005.

Please note that this gang was caught and is punished as of 8th Nov.,
2005. But to me it seems a similar Gang is working as crew; within
Emirates Airline which thugs people from their precious items.

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