Sunday, March 05, 2006


another sad Emirates lost luggage tale...

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From: Sarah Lister <>
Date: Mar 5, 2006 7:32 AM
Subject: another sad Emirates lost luggage tale...

Emirates airline lost my suitcase on 4 Feb on a flight between London
Gatwick and Dubai. Unfortunately it was not any old suitcase, but
contained all my wedding photos, wedding cards, jewellery I wore at my
wedding, a number of wedding presents and souvenirs from honeymoon.
The contents is obviously irreplaceable. I was returning to
Afghanistan where I work, after my wedding and honeymoon in UK.

The level of service in attempting to track this suitcase has been
absolutely appalling and beyond belief. Friends in UK and Dubai (the
latter works for another airline based in Dubai) contact Emirates
customer services in both countries almost every day. When they
eventually get past an answerphone, they consistently get the same
story, that the file has been closed because the other suitcase which
it was with was recovered after a week. Emirates promise to re-open
the file, but when my friends phone up again, it's the same story.
They never get to speak to the same person twice. Emirates don't seem
able to cope with the fact that there were TWO suitcases and only ONE
has been found. Is that so difficult? After a month, I am no further

The proper paper work has all been submitted, but I can't even get
information about compensation …the person is out of the
office/ill/blah blah blah.

Any hints about how to get through their appalling customer 'service'
to somebody who will take my problem seriously will be gratefully

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