Sunday, March 05, 2006


bad experience continues

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From: art <>
Date: Mar 5, 2006 3:33 PM
Subject: bad experience continues

I left an email here on January 7th 2006,regarding lost baggage,
inccurred cost and the blatant lying to me of emirates staff in Dubai
and one of their pursers.

I wrote a letter to Emirates shortly afterwards whose returned a reply
saying it would be investigated and that they would be in touch as
they take these matters seriously.

Well folks, that was in early January, two months later and not a word
from them. But I am not suprised by this based on their customer
relations record. If you dont push them they'll not bother, I met
another guy on the same flight whose luggage was also lost, he was
still fighting for compensation for a previous loss of diving
equipment, three month prior.

The most appalling customers service disaster of an airline I have
ever come across.

Unfortunately I have 70,000 air miles accumulated with them but I will
never, ever, fly them again, I'd rather go by cargo ship, at least I
could hold onto my luggage.

Thank goodness for sites like this were are complaints are at least
aired, as a warning and support for others

Art Ward

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