Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Travel woes

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From: Jayaraman Hariharan <hjandjc@gmail.com>
Date: Mar 7, 2006 3:10 AM
Subject: Travel woes
To: jawad@alumni.washington.edu

My son booked his electronic ticket through Emirates website for
travel Newyork-Dubai-Chennai-Dubai-Newyork against booking reference

In Chennai he was told by the Emirates office that reconfirmation of
booking was not necessary. This was also confirmed through their

However, while checking in for his return flight from Chennai, the
Emirates staff informed him that they are unable to retrieve his
reservation as it has been deleted from their system.

Upon showing them the copy of the e-ticket receipt / itinerary they
managed to find him a seat only for the Chennai-Dubai flight but not
beyond Dubai.

As they were not able to get him a seat in the connecting
Dubai-Newyork flight as per his original reservation he could be
accommodated only on the following day's flight through no fault of
his own. He was not given accommodation in Dubai and he had to stay
about 17 hours in the airport.

Because of the glitch in the Emirates computer system and the
uncooperative attitude of their staff in Chennai as well as in Dubai,
my son was forced not only to spend 17 hours in Dubai airport but also
miss a day's work.

Although Emirates in-flight service is excellent nothing complimentary
can be said about their customer service. They do not even have a link
or an email address at their website to post customers' grievance.


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